100 Days My Prince Season 2 (Release Date, Casts)

100 Days My Prince

100 Days My Prince’s first series was released in 2018 in Korea’s own tvN. Two years later it was premiered on Netflix where it gained a massive worldwide audience. The first season had 16 episodes and Do Kyung Soo was the star of the show.

The plot in the show is simple enough. A crown prince encounters a commoner’s life and experiences an unforgettable love.

Ratings and Story

This show 100 Days My Prince became the eight highest rated Korean drama in Cable TV’s history. It was picked up by Netflix and released to a worldwide audience in December 2020. If you are binge watching the show, it gets even better.

The show has proven to be a success story in not only south korea but all over the globe. It was broadcasted in several other countries including Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries in the southeast Asian region.

Since the first season was so good, fans have been waiting to watch the second season of the show. The makers of the show, however, are yet to make an official announcement regarding the second season. And we have good news for the fans of this show but we will get into it a bit later!

Moving on to the story of the show, 100 Days My Prince covers the story of a crown prince who loses his memories after going through an accident. He begins to live the life of an ordinary person in a village. He falls in love with a girl in the process.

The show is created by Studio Dragon and written by the veteran writer No Ji Sul. The director is Lee Jong Jae. The critical reception of the show has been incredible as people from all over the world have said good things about it and the show is extremely famous in Netflix as well.

100 Days My Prince Season 2 Release Date

We do know that all the key actors will be returning for the second season and a few new actors will also be added. The key actors such as Do Kyung Soo will be back as Lee Yool with Nam Ji Hyun as Hong Shim. Along with Han So Hee as Kim So Hye, Jo Sung Ha as Kim Cha Eon, Jo Han Chul as King and Kim Sun Ho (Jung Jae Yoon).

As far as release date goes, the date has been published. The show is expected to return on 2nd April, 2022.

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