2021 MAMA Presenter Super Junior Siwon Tested Covid-19 Positive

Super Junior Siwon

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, we have lost our loved ones and many artists, scientists have already found vaccination for the virus but it seems that the virus will not be stopping soon as it has already mutated and new variants are being found.

But this is not the news about covid or its variants instead it’s the news about K-pop band Super Junior’s Siwon. Each one of us was in isolation or quarantine not much longer but after vacation was found almost every country started going out and making contact with other people.

As a result, many people are again getting infected with covid and now SM Entertainment has notified that Siwon has tested positive for covid-19. He is already vaccinated and as a matter of fact, he got his second dose just in September but as he went to do PCR, his result came positive, and now he is going to be in isolation or quarantine until he tests negative for the virus.

Covid-19 Crisis

As mentioned Siwon has tested positive for coronavirus and just like him many other popular artists like Lisa, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-eun and others were also tested positive for the virus.

Siwon who is not only a singer but also an outstanding actor has been in the Korean entertainment industry for many years and he has a huge fan following around the world and fans have been worried ever since the news of him being positive for covid came out.

Also, Siwon was set to be the presenter of the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards but now due to his health condition, he will not be joining or coming to the event.

Siwon is in Isolation

Even though he has no symptoms of the virus he was still tested positive for the virus so he is in an isolation for now and as mentioned he will not be attending the upcoming 2021 MAMA event and as the band members and other people were also in close contact with Siwon they are also keeping themselves in an isolation and are waiting for their test results and as far as we know it seems that all members of Super Junior will also not coming in at the event.

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