2AM is back and reunited with JYP and HYBE’s Bang PD producing title tracks


It was not a mere coincidence as the fans said 2021 will be the year of the second-gen, It was all planned and calculated. Several second-generation K-pop groups took a break after members enlisted for compulsory military service in the late 2010s. However, with their return, we received several much-needed replies from CNBLUE and SHINee. First, we hear 2PM‘s return in June and now we have their labelmate 2AM returning with JYP and HYBE’s Bang PD working on the title.

Under JYPE, 2PM and 2AM were created as 11-member group One Day. However, they have made music and promotion like the two permanent subgroups we know today. 2AM is a ballad band with four members who did their last comeback in 2014. But with members Jokwon and Jinwoon finally returning from military service last year, the group has reunited. They have continued to tease a comeback since 2020 and it is finally here.

                                                            Celebrating their last anniversary together.

2AM finally having a comeback in November after 7 years

Finally, the group will be having a comeback in November after seven years. As well as their reunion album has been produced by veteran artists. It has been revealed that the founder of their label Park Jinyoung aka JYP and the founder of HYBE Bang PD aka Bang Shi-hyuk are producing the dual-title tracks. It’s not their first time collaborating together as they have collaborated together in the past. Founder of HYBE Bang PD has produced albums for 2AM and JYPE girl group Wonder Girl as well as written songs for JYP, Rain, g.o.d, and T-ara. We should also remember that his label Big Hit which is also some to BTS had temporarily managed 2AM till 2014.

2AM had their last comeback in 2014 with their third full-length album ‘Let’s Talk’. The album had solo tracks for each of the members as well and the album ranked #6 on Gaon Album Chart. They promoted their album with the lead singles ‘Days Like Today’ and ‘Over The Destiny’. Even though all the members have left JYPE, the label had constantly ensured the fans that the band had not been disbanded. As a result, fans have a high expectation for 2AM’s upcoming album as they have missed the ballad group.

Everyone is happy about their return

Many have expressed their excitement and happiness through tweets. Changmin’s member also tweeted, “WE ARE BACK #2am”. Lots of happy tweets can be seen in twitter-like “Welcome back Kings.” “Can 2AM & KRY have a comeback together so we could at least have our ears blessed during comeback season ?” WAIT REALLYYYY 2AM WILL HAVE A CB???? ITS BEEN SO LONGGG.” And some tweeted “2021 needs to be written in the history 2PM, 2AM, CNBLUE comebacks… legend comebacks,” and “The power one day has please give us dirty eyed girls 2021 too.”



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