493km For You K-Drama: Plot, Cast & Streaming Details

493km For You

“493km For You” is a Korean drama that will air in the near future. The unique name makes it even more eye-catching. It is a sports drama depicting the story of two people involved in this activity. A small teaser was provided for a few seconds, which was well-received by fans. According to them, the video is very short, but the bond between the protagonists of this period is felt. Sports dramas are rarely heard in Korean dramas. We’ve seen similar dramas before. However, as the title suggests, attention is focused on what unique elements this drama will show. There is still time until the drama is released. Until now, there was not much information or character insights about the supporting actors. However, this may vary over time.

Plot and Cast

Park Joo-Hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop will appear in a new drama together! On October 28, the two actors announced that they would appear as the main characters of the KBS2 drama ‘Coming to you at 493 km/hr (working title) ‘Coming at 493 km/hr is a sports romance drama about a man and a woman who play mixed doubles on a badminton team at work. Park Joo-Hyun plays Park Tae-yang, a former future champion who had to give up badminton because of a problem despite badminton being a sport that means everything. Three years later, she rejoins her work team to pursue her own passion.

Chae Jong-hyssop plays Park Tae-Joon, who considers badminton only as a profession. After being kicked out of the city team, he eventually joins the work team despite his desire to live well after his retirement. After meeting Taeyang Park, he begins to grow not only as a person but also as a badminton player. The mournful chemistry of the rising new actors is expected as it depicts the fascinating story of two 25-year-olds. Park Joo-Hyeon was recognized for her acting skills in films such as Extracurricular Activities, Zombie Detective, and Rat, while Chae Jong-hyeop was featured in Slap League, Sisyphus: Shinhwa, and Witch’s Restaurant, “Nevertheless”.

Release date and streaming platforms

The Korean drama will be released on April 13, 2022. The drama is set to end on June 2, 2022. Dates are subject to change in case of schedule changes. KBS2 is an original drama network. The series is also available online. Each episode will run between 60 and 80 minutes. ‘Speed ​​493km’ is broadcast twice every Wednesday and Thursday. There will be a total of 16 episodes. KBS2 is the source network for the drama 493km For You. You can also watch the drama online. Each episode should last 60-80 minutes. The drama will premiere at 6 pm. At IST, it is 7:30 pm in Canada and the United States, 11:30 pm in Australia, and 12:30 pm in the United Kingdom.

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