A Korean Odyssey Season 2: Release Date, Casts, Trailer

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

Wondering about A Korean Odyssey Season 2 Release Date, casts and trailer. We have everything covered about this Korean drama.

As a modern adaptation of the 16th-century classic Chinese novel titled “Journey to the West,” A Korean Odyssey is an epic adventure that should not be missed. The show’s success has made it one of South Korea’s most popular TV dramas and many people are already asking for Season 2.

What is it about this show, you ask? Well, for starters there’s the attractive visuals and great cast. But did you know that its soundtrack features music from renowned Korean artists like N’UEST W, Suran AOA Bumkey and more? Magic Realism has never been so powerful when portraying a harsh reality through fantasy than in ‍The Legend of The Blue Sea’.

A Korean Odyssey Season 2 Release Date

The Korean Odyssey is a drama that has been gaining popularity for its engaging storyline and relatable characters. The show offers insight into the struggles of modern-day Korea, highlighting important social issues such as mental health in addition to political corruption.

The next season is still unknown, but considering how popular the show has become and that it was originally planned for 10 episodes with only 8 released so far, a second season could be in store. Our best guess would put 2020 as a release date if they do go ahead with another round of episodes; we will keep you updated on any news!

A Korean Odyssey Cast

  • Son Oh-gong by Lee Seung-gi
  • Woo Hwi-Chul / Woo Ma-wang / Devil King by Cha Seung-won
  • Jin Seon-mi / Sam-Jang by Oh Yeon-Seo
  • P.K / Joe Pal-game by Lee Hong-gi
  • Yoon Dae-Sik / Sa Oh-Jeong by Jang Gwang
  • Jung Se-ra / Jin Bu-ja / Richie / Ah Sa-no by Lee Se-young
  • Ma Ji-young by Lee El
  • Kang Dae-sung by Song Jong-ho
  • Lee Han-Joo by Kim Sung-oh
  • General Winter and Summer Fairy by Sung Hyuk

A Korean Odyssey Season 1 Ending

Oh Gong survived the mission and he lost his memory. For a while, Ma Wang tried to make him come out of Sureumdong but it didn’t work so they called Seon Mi back from death for one day in order to get close enough to grab hold of Oh Gong’s hand that is wearing Geumganggo. Even though she doesn’t remember anything about their past relationship, both are happy when they’re together again even if only for a few hours- time spent with each other made them feel hopeful despite being apart forever after this last night reunited once more under these stars….

But the King’s death meant that Seon Mi has to go back again. The next day, Oh Gong is gone and Wang Ma finds him muttering about his memories with a woman who was wearing Geumganggo…He wakes up in Sureumdong where he sees her for one last time before she leaves once more. And he realizes that he still wants to find her even if it means crossing death.

The last episode of A Korean Odyssey season two was aired on January 18th, 2019.

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  1. The show is great. It is hard to believe season 2 has not been released. Even people in America is waiting on this show. It can’t just end like that. I will never watch another series like this if there is no season 2.

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