Actress Lee Chae-young Suspected of Abandoning Her Pets

Lee Chae Young actress

Recently, there were a lot of rumors about actress Lee Chae Young abandoning her pets multiple times.

As per the Wikitree news which was released on January 10 stated that anonymous guy has found that Lee Chae has abandoned her pets many times and this rumor has started to create hate towards Lee Chae Young from all over the world.

As per netizens at the beginning of 2020, there were many photos of her dog and together on her social media profile. But her recent social media posts have stated “The first morning without Jack Coke,” and “An LP player was put where Jack Coke used to be.”

This means she has sold or her dog has died or she has abandoned it. But later the dog was found with another family. When her fans also asked her about the dog then she refused to give an answer and deleted all the posts related to her pet.

And this dog was not her first victim but in past also there was a white color dog that was abandoned and no trace of that dog has been found ever on the internet.

Lee Chae Young dog

“Lee Chae Young had one more canine before Jack Coke. Back in 2017, she posted photos of the canine on a rope. These photographs are as yet on her web-based media yet are not seen as of late and there is no new insight about the canine. I’m theorizing she had deserted this canine too.”

Also, later it was found that Young was living happily with her pet cat but later, the cat was also disappeared from her posts and she deleted all the photos of her cat.

Relating to this news, when the Wikitree team tried to contact her about this case, she did not reply.

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