Actress Seo Shin-ae reveals the psychological abuse of (G) I-DLE Sujin!

After breaking the silence, actress Seo Shin-ae finally revealed her position on school violence against (G) I-DLE Sujin.

On March 26, Soviet Singh detailed on his Instagram the mental violence he suffered from Sujin in junior high school.

<Full text of what Seo Shin-ae revealed>

Hello, it’s Seo Shin’e actress. Ten years ago, I was a young and brave person. However, if I face again with fear and hesitation, I will give courage because in the distant future I may be really disappointed and regretted by myself. I’ve been active in the entertainment world since I was a kid, but at school I was a normal student like any other kid. The junior high school transferred to the first semester of the second year and worked hard to make friends with friends in the same class.

The person who mentioned me (Sujin) said, “How did you become an entertainer even though it wasn’t very beautiful?” Anyway, she made unfounded criticisms and personal attacks, saying, “The child is a celebrity who is already over”, “Because of that, he is left out of the group”, and “The teachers do not know what to do and why to treat them specially”.


It may have been just jealousy of the children, but it was a traumatic word for me, and it still remains. The wounds inflicted at that time gradually became large bruises, and fear of people began to arise. That horror turned me into a traumatic and shy personality, and it was a big obstacle to going to high school. I realized that mental violence, which is not physical violence, also remains a lifelong wound in one’s life.


He doesn’t remember and says he has never had a conversation with me, but that’s right. It was just a one-sided insult. I regret to say that even the derogatory remarks and actions I made together in the group of people behind me are absolutely different. And I don’t know what witnesses and evidence he has, but I would like to ask if his selective memory is the truth that can deny all the stories I have revealed.

If anyone is still suffering from school violence, be courageous and ask for help. I couldn’t do that and believed it would get better over time, but I knew it wasn’t.


We apologize for causing concern to many people. From now on, I would like to respond with various activities as an actress, not personally. I am happy in April and I think it will be difficult because of the spread of coronavirus infection, but please do your best. Thank you.

According to Seo Shin-ae’s claim, Seo Shin-ae and Sujin have never had a conversation. There was only one-sided psychological violence between Sujin and his friends. So Sujin may insist that he doesn’t remember anything.


Seo Shin-ae could not overcome the trauma caused by such mental violence, so he gave up going to high school and took a homeschooling exam to enter university. However, how painful it was when I saw one of the group who added the spiritual explosion debuted in a girls group called (G) I-DLE and made a big success and appeared on TV all the time. Imagine that, net users criticized Sujin.


As Sujin wanted, Seo Shin-ae revealed his position and the mental violence he suffered during his school days, so it’s Sujin’s turn. Sujin is drawing public attention as to what he argues against Seo Shin-ae’s claim.

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