“Aespa”, new members joining?

Among overseas fans, there is a theory that new members will join the SM Entertainment Girls Group “aespa”. Recently, Espa’s official TikTok account has been talking about for the first time following a different account “@mmabelz”.

The follow-up to Espa’s official TikTok account went from 0 to 1, but it is said that it was not a mistake because the main character happened to be a trainee of SM Entertainment Thailand subsidiary. Now the follow has been deleted and changed to follow 0 again.



Espa is SM’s new girl group that debuted on November 17, 2020, and debuted as a quartet of Karina (leader), Gisele, Winter and Ninnin. Since the debut of Espa, the theory of new member merging has attracted attention, but by following Thai trainees on the official account this time, expectations for new member merging are rising.




The names and ages of Thai trainees have not been released yet, but K-POP fans who saw the Instagram photos have praised them for their cute faces.




<Thai trainee TikTok>

It is evaluated that the ability of dance is not inferior to that of Korean idols.




It may be a Thai unit member even if it is not a member who joins Espa directly. Since there have been rumors that Espa will increase the number of members like NCT from the time of its debut, overseas fans are expecting that something may change in Espa after its debut activity.



<Instagram photo>


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