aespa’s ‘Savage’ on top of the charts


On October 5th, aespa had returned with a new mini-album ‘Savage’. It is already at the top of many charts like MelOn real-time, AWA real-time surge, Bugs real-time, QQ Music real-time, as well as it is number one on iTunes in 17 different countries. The 17 different countries are Mongolia, Japan, Australia, India, Peru, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, Denmark, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Laos, Brazil, Indonesia, Oman, and the Philippines.

As well as it is number one in the Korean section of QQ Music’s real-time chart and MV chart in China. It is also ranked number one in the real-time rising charts on the local Japanese platform AWA. Their comeback MV is a huge success as the pre-order sales exceed 400,00 for a debut album.

Huge congratulations to the group and all the best for the future. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments below.

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