After EXO Chen posted a congratulatory message to the fan club, Twitter situation!

EXO member Chen (real name: Kim Jong Dae) has been reporting on the situation for the first time in a long time since the news of marriage and the birth of his wife.

5 days, Chen LYSN (a EXO official fan community  listen “Congratulations 6 anniversary of the EXO-L. Today slowly please enjoy” to) posted a photo along with the comment that. A photo released by Chen showed a profile of Chen looking up at the sky from the grass.


EXO’s fan club “EXO-L” was officially founded on August 5, 2014 and celebrated its 6th anniversary. Chen sent a message to celebrate the 6th anniversary of “EXO-L”.



◈ Current Twitter reaction after Chen posted a congratulatory message

▶# Chen_Birthday gift

▶You can’t see you

▶Things you don’t usually do

▶Sneak out


Twitter’s reaction was mostly negative for Chen.

Some members of EXO’s fan club “EXO-L” have criticized Chen for saying that they haven’t even sent a congratulatory message to the EX fan club.


“That person was originally that kind of person. We were only tricked by us.” I’m angry, I didn’t become a paying member to see that play,” “I’m really brave,” “Last year, I released my second solo album, and listened to me to let me know about the marriage and childbirth that I made this year.” “I just used it,” and “When did you remember the EXO-L anniversary?


On January 13, this year, Chen carefully told about her marriage and her pregnancy, saying “I have a girlfriend who wants to live a lifetime. A blessing has come” through the fan club community. Four months after the announcement of the marriage, SM Entertainment’s affiliated office also reported the news that “EXO Chen had a daughter on this day”. Some fans couldn’t hide their disappointment with Chen’s sudden marriage announcement and childbirth announcement. As a result, the EXO fan club is divided into “Cheng’s exit” and “Support declaration”, and the conflict is deepening.

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