Ahgases call Youngjae ‘the favorite child as GOT7’s Jinyoun does Vibin challenge

GOT7's Youngjae and Jinyoung

Ahgases are probably rejoicing as GOT7 is finally complete with Youngjae’s Vibin Challenge. After they ended their seven-year contract with JYP, all seven members of the group have been booked and busy with their solo schedules since they all set out into different labels. Although they were on different paths, they made it clear that they are still part of the seven-member group GOT7. Fans who wondered if GOT7 would come to an end are able to solidify their trust as the member of GOT7 released a self-produced track “Encore’.

Over the last few months, all the members of GOT7 have been releasing their own music or debuting with solo albums. The latest member to release the solo album is none other than Youngjae who release ‘Colors from Ars’, a seven-track colorful album with the ‘Vibin ‘as the title track. Ahgases waited for the six GOT7 members in the challenge called ‘Vibin Challenge’ with their sunshine “Youngjae”, which was used to promote the song.

 GOT7 are like a one big happy family

They were together for a long time and over the years they have created an inseparable bond. The fans have named the leader of the group Jay B as the father of the group while Jinyoung took the title of the ‘Mom of the group‘. Bambam and Yugeom were the troublemakers while Mark was the quiet middle child. Jackson was the fake maknae because of his childlike antics and Younjgae was the oldest member of GOT7.

By keeping this in mind, fans have started to talk about Jinyoung doing the Vibin challenge to Youngjae for his album. All the five members except Jinyoung had already completed the challenge so he is the last one to complete it. He first met Bambam and Yugyeom and performed the Vibin challenge with them at Yugyeom’s current label, AOMG’s dance studio. He also met Jay B in person and completed the challenge together.

Sine Mark also supported Youngjae although he is currently in L.A by performing the challenge on TikTok. Later Youngjae posted a video of him doing the challenge with Mark on his social media account. Jackson is currently working hard for his project ‘PANThePack’ but even so, he completed the challenge on TikTok. Like with Mark, Youngjae posted the video of him doing the challenge with Jackson o his social media account.

‘Mom of the group’ picked Youngjae as the favorite child

Jinyoung as named by the fans ‘Mom of the group’ is currently working as an actor, not just one but two leads roles as he plays the twin lead role in his upcoming K-drama ‘Christmas Carol’. He has also appeared in the ongoing sitcom K-drama ‘Yumi’s Cell’ where he plays the role of ‘Yoo Babi’. And we already know Bambam teased Jinyoung for his appearance on Twitter and fans ask for Jinyoung to retaliate with a fire-back. He might have just done that as he had finally participated in the dance challenge with one of the members of the group.

As they have started releasing their solo debuts, members like Bambam, Jay B, and Youngjae all have released challenges for their title tracks. The ‘Mom of the group’ Jinyoung has finally picked the favorite child by sending Youngje a video of himself dancing to ‘Vibin’. Similarly, Youngjae posted the video along with his performance as a collage video on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Fans believe that Choi Youngjae is truly the favorite child

As Jinyoung is not quite active on social media when he posted the challenge the fans started talking about the challenge as soon as it was posted. Many fans believe that Yougjae is loved by all the member’s soo much that even Jinyoung took time for him.

Many fans have posted their thoughts on Twitter which can be seen below.


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