AleXa Will Make A Comeback In January 2021 [Confirmed]


Recently, AleXa has won AAA Potential Award and on her birthday she also made an announcement about the comeback.

American-Korean singer AleXa has become a hot topic and sensation of kpop fans after she released the single ‘Bomb’ in October 2019. Without involving with any groups she is making good progress in her career.

Her single was a great hit and it was successful to collect a good amount of a fanbase. Also, she also won the Potential award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards which was held on December 2. And she really has potential too because she is proving it by surprising the fans with the new comeback news.

AleXa was born on December 9, 1996, and today is her birthday, in this occasion, she made an announcement about her comeback plan via live stream broadcast on V Live.

AleXa announced comeback

Through the live stream, she made sure that she will be doing a comeback on January 6, 2021, after this news fans are very happy and eagerly waiting to pre-book the album.

She also made sure that all of the recording parts and shooting parts for the music videos had finished and fans will know about it only after the comeback schedule and at the moment she has not published any spoilers clips.

AleXa’s fans are called A. I Troopers and her fans are very happy to learn about the comeback.

AleXa’s is new to Kpop

She is new to the Kpop world and till now she has released only 2 single albums and 2 mini-album although, this is a lot of progress compared to many other solo kpop idols who have not released any songs these days.

Her first mini-album was ‘Do or Die’ which was released in April 2020 from where her fans also got the name A.I Troopers and her second mini-album name is ‘Decoherence’ which was released in October 2020.

She also became the first K-pop singer to hold a metaverse fan meeting which was held last month. We wish the best for her upcoming comeback which be on January 6, 2022.

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