‘All of Us Are Dead’ Actor Yoon Chan Young Faces Allegations

Netflix hit series ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is getting more and more popular day by day. The zombie-based series has thrilled the horror genre environment and many fans are already waiting for its season 2.

The main protagonist of this K-drama Yoon Chan Young is getting more popular not with drama but with the behavior in social media. The rumors have stated that he was creating the list of rankings of female students and teachers according to different standards of his last year.

Here is what allegations has stated, “I still didn’t know how serious our country’s misogyny was last year. In school, they always taught that discrimination against females has decreased by a lot, and I really thought it was true. I don’t know if it’s because we were taught this that I was more dense to it, but in the middle of this is when the situation exploded. Instead of saying it exploded, maybe it’s better to say a kids found a paper. During lunch, I saw my friends were looking at a piece of paper and whispering, and I was wondering why they were swearing so I looked too. The paper was a ranking of our class’ female students based on standards. Our female teacher was also ranked. I was the top in the top 3 faces, and I don’t remember very well but the girls were ranked according to different standards. Our ethics teacher told everyone else except those listed in the paper and those who wrote the ranking to go home. She told the perpetrators to come out and face the wall. The perpetrators were Park Joo Hyung, Im Se Hyun, and Hong Ji Pyo. Yes, it’s true. Child actor Yoon Chan Young.”

But at the moment, the suffer has made a statement about the Yoon Chan apology which he already did via Kakao Talk and text messages. A netizens has also said that I am his classmate and the issues has already surfaced.


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