All of us are dead ending explained *SPOILERS*, Find Out Who Lives and Who Doesn’t

all of us are dead

After the massive success of Squid game and Train to Busan, South Korean director,Lee Jae-kyoo has yet again proved that no one does horror and zombie movies better than south Korea. When the first episode aired in  28/01/2022, it was already an instant hit as we can see from the reactions of the public and the media. Based on the South Korean digital comic, the movie gives us a never seen before taking on zombie films where the whole action is limited to the borders of the school rather than dealing with the outer world. The drama follows a crew of young adults who are subjected to far greater terrifying horrors than examinations as their classmates radically change into flesh-eating monsters around them.

all of us are dead

Not to give any spoilers, but just like any other zombie movie, it’s destined that not all our favorite characters are gonna make it through the show. the show consists of 12 episodes which basically shows the high school kid’s struggle with escaping their zombie friends. The K-horror arrangement takes after a bunch of high-school kids who are endeavoring to dodge a zombie scourge that’s spreading like a fierce blaze over the world and which starts in their school’s exceptionally claim logical lab. The infectious infectionnamed the “Jonas Infection,” is delivered by a frantic father who, in a last-ditch endeavor to guard his bashful child against barbarous bullies, puts his logical skill to loathsome utilizeunwittingly delivering demolition on the planet.

The primary season of “All of Us Are Dead” is comprised of 12 scenes, each enduring roughly 60 minutes, and takes its time creating the central characters as they battle to outlive — but the season finale is to some degree open-finished. In case you’re having inconvenience decoding “All of Us Are Dead’s” enigmatic season finale, keep perusing for a breakdown.

all of us are dead

Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) is chomped by his previous classmate and is presently half-zombie Gwi-nam within the eleventh scene (Yoo In-soo). Knowing he won’t make it out lively, he chooses to remain behind and occupy the zombies, murdering himself so his buddies may elude some time recently the military assault.

The group is barely getaway, but the bombarding shows up to have slaughtered Cheong-san, as well as the remainder of the zombies within the school. Taking after the blast, the camera dish to Cheong-san, who shows up to be dead himself, among the dead bodies. On-jo (Stop Ji-hu) returns to the development location in the look of her closest companion, but Nam-ra (Cho Yi-Hyun) a human-zombie half-breed with increased faculties of scent and hearing mediation her.

Cheong-sacrifice san’s permits the children to eventually escape the school and travel to Yangdong, the emptied city near to their origin of Hyosan. They’re driven by strips tied to trees by On-late jo’s firefighter father, Nam So-ju (Jeon Bae-soo). At long last, they reach the forlorn rear ways of Yangdong, when they are assaulted by a swarm of zombies. Whereas the bunch battles courageously and inevitably crush them all, one of the undead murders Wu-jin (Child Sang-yeon), Ha-(Ha ri’s Seung-ri) brother, as he endeavors to protect his sister.

Who is really dead?

Cheong-san barely dodges passing numerous times all through the season. May he have gotten absent from the building location sometime recently On-jo arrived to seek for him?

May Nam-ra be unaware to anyone “lively” since he, as well, has advanced into a human-zombie crossover like her? As it were a moment season will uncover the truth. Nam-ra develops a hunger for human flesh in addition to her acquired zombie super-hearing and sense of smell. Overwhelmed by her ravenous desire to eat her pals, she resolves to separate from them before they reach military troops who transport them to quarantine zones.

What will finally come after the time leap?

In the final scene, the program bounced four months into the long run, when military law in Hyosan is evacuated for the primary time since the scourgepermitting the limited individuals a little flexibility. On-jo and the other survivors of the pack, traumatized by their awful encountersbargain with their pain and survivor’s guilt by going by a temporary landmark for their companions. During one of these trips, On-jo watches a campfire within the separate and surmises it is on their tall school’s housetop. She reviews Nam-ra, an untouchable earlier to the zombie end times, wishing she seem to spend another campfire night with her newly discovered companions.


On-jo educates Su-hyeok (Stop Solomon), and the rest of the survivors continue to examine on the off chance that Nam-ra is camped out at the school. When the students return to their now-demolished school, they remember the injury they saw. But, because it turns out, their doubts around Nam-being ra’s there were rectified.

The finishing of “All of Us Are Dead” is idealistichowever full of conceivable outcomesWhereas a moment season has not however been requested by Netflix, the appear might go in a assortment of headings on the off chance that it returns. We might see the repercussions of the illness, which has not however been totally disposed of, as well as Nam-(and ra’s conceivably Cheong- San’s) enterprise as she navigates this modern world as a half-zombie. Besides, the insights authorities who reviewed the survivors showed up to be amassing data in arrange to weaponize the infection, which may play a critical portion in a moment season. The conceivable outcomes are unbounded, but fans will got to hold up another season to discover out the answers to their burning questions.


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