All of Us are Dead Season 2 What to Expect

all of us are dead

A new Kdrama series is causing a stir on the internet. The first season of Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead premiered on January 28, and fans are eagerly awaiting the second season, thanks to a cliffhanger ending. the epidemic was more than enough to maintain the public interest. Forbes claims the series topped Netflix’s TV charts in every area except the United States, making it more than just an online hot topic.

What to expect?

Netflix has yet to announce whether the popular show will return to smaller screens. All Of Us Are Dead is based on WEBTOON Now at Our School’s digital cartoon by Joo Dong-Geun, and all of the original cartoon material was used in Season 1. If you are curious about digital manga, it has recently been translated into English and can be viewed on WEBTOON.

While the series concludes with Na Ra surviving in the woods with other half-zombies with no indication of the virus spreading, the comic concludes with the infection potentially spreading to Japan. Season two of the show might perhaps go into what The story concludes with Nam Ra surviving in the wild among other half-zombies and the virus perhaps spreading to Japan.

According to NME, it is a blockbuster series with the second season planned with director Lee Jae-gyo in mind. In an interview with The Korean Herald, Lee said, “Many of the routes, locations, and scenarios were purposely created to extend the story into a second season, including the introduction of a new zombie race. He said, “If season 1 is about human survival, then season 2 could be about the survival of zombies. “I want to give viewers another season,” he said. Unlike other shows, it’s hard to predict who will return in the fictional second season, as the dead can turn into zombies.

Of course, we can assume that all (or at least most) of the survivors will return once season 2 is approved. In fact, all fans are asking the same question. Was Cheongsam really dead in ‘We All Dead’? It’s hard to say for sure. We didn’t see him turn into a zombie, nor did we see his remains.

We did witness him get blasted with the shock wave from the government-dropped bomb on school grounds, albeit he barely managed to hide behind Gwinam. We shouldn’t really hope, but strange things have happened in the past. Director Lee added to the Wikitree that “when the liquidation comes back to life, there will be people who will not accept the situation and there will be people who will appreciate it,” adding that there is a plan “absolutely”. Can’t discuss it yet.

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