All you need to know about CL’s first-ever full-length album ‘Alpha’

2NE1's CL

Former member of YG Entertainment’s 2NE1, CL is known for much more than just her appearance on the group. She has broken the pattern and dominates the K-pop industry as the ‘Queen of K-pop’  as one of the very few second generations idols who haven’t dwindle into anonymity.

She is regarded as one of the most influential figures to help spread Hallyu (Korean Wave). This is all because of her experimentation across music styles as well as her live performance. She had started pursuing a solo career in 2015 with the album ‘Hello Bitches’. This year has been very special for her a she made her MET Gala debut wearing an Alexander Wang outfit, making her one of two Koreans to make an appearance on the red carpet.

It is her first-ever full-length studio album which is produced by her own label “Very Cherry”. The full-length album consists of 11 songs. It is her first full-length work as a solo artist since her career debut in 2007.

Release date and ways to listen

The final release of her album will be on October 20 at 1 PM KST while several singles of the albums are pre-released.

As usual, her first-ever full-length studio album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, MelOn, and more.

 Tracklist for ‘Alpha’

  1. Spicy
  2. Lover Like Me
  3. Chuck
  4. Xai
  5. Let It
  6. Tie a Cherry
  7. Paradise
  8. My Way
  9. Siren
  10. HWA
  11. 5 Star

The full-length album consists of 11 songs among which four are already pre-released by CL. She has released ‘Spicy’, ‘HWA’, and ‘5 Star’over the last few months and recently released the track ‘Lover Like Me’ to promote her upcoming album. She has worked on the writing of all the songs

Tracklist of CL's Alpha

 CL releases concept photos for her upcoming album

Many have identified the album as the return of CL on the global stage. The four songs which she pre-released had many critics calling her song a ‘declaration of independence, ‘sassy kiss-off’ as well as ‘identity peace song’. She has released the concept photos for her upcoming album on Instagram and in the photos, she embodies a fierce self which she says she will convey multiple meanings to her fans and the general audience that listens to the songs. and in the latest teaser photos, she exudes a menacing charisma with bold and edgy makeup while she donned a black wig and goth outfits while rocking a fishnet headgear.

Teaser video for her upcoming album

On 9th August 2021, Cl released a teaser video for her album. And in that teaser video, we can see her silhouette standing in front of what looks like a volcano erupting with a lot of alarms that can be heard blaring in the background.

You can watch the teaser video down below:

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