All you need to know about IU’s digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’

IU Boyfriend

K-pop super soloist IU is ready to greet the Uaenas (IU fandom)  with the promise to “meet again when the strawberry moon comes up” to celebrate the 13th anniversary of her debut in K-pop industry. She is a well-known person in the industry as a musician first then as an actor. The last time she had released the full-length album was in March of 2021, which of course was an immediate commercial success that topped several charts. All of her tracks had simultaneously charted in the top 30 of the Gaon Digital Chart and the album second single of the same name also topped the iTunes album chart in 11 countries.

She is also known as the nation’s little sister as she is coupled with her soft and beautiful voice and humble personality. Nation’s little sister is a term used in the South Korean entertainment industry that refers to “a young female [or male] celebrity in her [or his] late teens to early twenties... [who is] cute, bright, and innocent.” She is deserving of this title as she had been in the industry for many years.

IU is ready to set the tone for October 2021 with her title and maintain the cute, innocent, and cheery atmosphere with the upcoming release of her digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’. Regarding her upcoming release, she said “I wanted to make a very easy song. I hoped it would be a song that didn’t make anyone think too much or feel sad when they heard it. I hope that this single will be enjoyed by the fans in a very comfortable way.”

Release date and ways to listen

It is reported that the single will be released on 19th October at 12 AM KST.

As usual, her digital single will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, MelOn, and more.

IU releases concept photos for her new single

IU released the first concept photos for her upcoming album on October 4 and many fans of IU were moved by the concept photos.  She is seen sitting on top of a scoop of strawberry ice cream in a black dress by holding two strawberry ice cream cones in her hand at the official cover photo of the single. From the poster of the song, we can probably guess that the concept of the song may be a fairy tale that shows her free-spirited charm as well as one that will bring out a  romantic atmosphere as she provides dreamlike imagery from the poster.

in other concept photos, In front of a strawberry pink background that had the lyrics of the song written over it, IU is seen sitting inside a magenta car. And in another concept photo that she posted on her Instagram page, we can see the start of a new romantic journey as she is seen sitting in a movie theatre where the male lead of her story can be seen seated a few seats apart. This concept photo can be seen below.

IU releases motion teaser for her new single

The agency ‘Edam Entertainment’ that manages IU unveiled the concept moving teaser for her upcoming digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’ on October 8, following the release of the multiple concept photos. an English newspaper that contains the information about ‘Strawberry Mooon’ can be seen in the concept moving teaser with the headline that reads “IU’s ‘strawberry moon’ THAT MAKES LOVE COME TRUE WILL RISE”. There is also the clip of two people holding hands while facing the pick moon and also the clip of IU holding a retro camera while taking a photo along with the phrase “DIFFERENT NAMES TO CALL A FULL MOON”.

You can watch the concept moving teaser that is given below:

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