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The seven-member K-pop boy group KINGDOM, who debuted with the ambitious project Kingdom in February 2021, is back once more with their third EP ‘History of Kingdom: Part Ⅲ. Ivan’. They are under GF Entertainment. GF Entertainment has shared that each member of the group is based on one historical King of the past and their label and they have a long-term plan for it. They are planning to explore the Kingdom universe with 8 albums for each series, with 32 albums over 12 years. This comeback is dedicated to the member of the group and Russian King Ivan.

Every comeback that has been released to date is based on the telling of the backstory of a King that has been represented by a member. They made their first debut with ‘Part I. Arthur’ which focused on member Arthur who represent the medieval British warlord Arthur. after that their next EP was on Chiwoo who represent the Chinese Emperor Chiyou. And their latest comeback is based on member Ivan who represents the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. You will find everything you need to know about this album in here.

 Release date and ways to listen

It is revealed that the album ‘History of Kingdom: Part Ⅲ. Ivan’ will be released on October 21 at 6 PM KST and you can listen to this album on all major music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, MelOn, and more.

Album’s tracklist

1. Intro: Legacy of Hatred
2. Black Crown – The title track
3. Fallen Star
4. We Are
5. Burn
7. Black Crown- Instrumental version

Kingdom’s Mujin and Dann have written the lyrics for ‘Fallen Star’ and ‘ON AIR’ and ‘Black Crown’ is the title track of the album.

Concept and all the kings each member represent

Recently, Kingdom has released three sets of concept photos on social media that expand on the Russian royalty. The boys had taken a medieval and oriental route for their previous albums but for their new album “History of Kingdom: Part Ⅲ. Ivan”, the group is taking a different route by going with a royal concept. To show the dark side of Ivan the Terrible, they sport velvet princely uniforms, white royal outfits that are a contrast to the black crown prop, and put on dark makeup.

All the different King from different Kingdom which is represented by the seven members are given below.

The leader of the group ‘Dann’ represents the King Dan of Denmark.

Arthur represents the medieval King Arthur of Britain.

Mujin represents the first Japanese Emperor Jinmu.

Louis represents the French King Louis XIV who was also known as the Sun King.

Arthur represents the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Jahan represents the Emperor Shah Jahan of India who built the Taj Mahal.

Chiwoo represents the Chinese Emperor Chiyou.

Kingdom release MV Teaser for their upcoming album

Kingdom released their MV teaser on 13th October 2021, in the music video ‘Bllack Crown‘ we get a glimpse of the boys getting ready to fight. Their white and black outfit symbolizes the good and evil side with Ivan taking the crown from his evil version. we will be seeing the chilling backdrop throughout the music video as Ivan’s Kingdom is called the Snow Kingdom.

You can watch the MV teaser below and feel free to express your opinion in the comments below.

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