American singer Cupid claims SEVENTEEN plagiarized his song ‘Cupid Shuffle’!

American singer Cupid has claimed that SEVENTEEN and his agency PLEDIS Entertainment plagiarized his greatest hit ‘Cupid Shuffle (2007)’.

Who is ◈Cupid?

Bryson Bernard (born October 10, 1982), better known by his stage name Cupid, is an American singer born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

He has released four albums and became famous for his single ‘Cupid Shuffle’, a line dance to the song that many people can easily imitate, and in August 2007 he broke a Guinness World Record in Atlanta when over 17,000 people mimicked the dance together.

◈Cupid plagiarism claim content

On August 14, Cupid tweeted that his song was plagiarized by SEVENTEEN’s latest song, “Left & Right,” and released a video of the comparison material for both songs on his tweet and YouTube channel.

Cupid’s plagiarism claim began when one of his fans said that the beats on the two tracks sounded the same.

Cupid said, “I felt like they were trying to take advantage of our culture. They need to do business properly; I think K-pop is what they’re being bullied for,” Cupid said, and since Cupid is African-American, it seems like he’s talking about our culture = black culture.

Cupid clearly presented what he wants for PLEDIS Entertainment and SEVENTEEN in a tweet.

Music is a business. The inspiration card has expired. The business isn’t over. PLEDIS and SEVENTEEN should make a blueprint for the cost,” he told them. After all, he argued, if they were going to use the music, they should pay for it.

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