AOA former member Mina criticizes FNC & Jimin, AOA member unfollower!

AOA former member Mina posted a long sentence criticizing AOA former member Jimin and his former agency FNC Entertainment along with a photo of his wrist cut on his Instagram this morning.

<Mina’s Instagram>


Mina has been suffering for more than 11 years because of Jimin, and gave up re-contract with FNC Entertainment (FNC) and withdrew from AOA. An official announcement was made that the activity was suspended.


Mina criticized FNC’s attitude because Jimin’s suspension of entertainment activities could return.

Mina also revealed the reason why she unfollowed AOA members from Instagram.



<Mina’s unfollower process>

Prior to being exposed, Mina followed other AOA members except Jimin.

After revealing that Mina had been bullied by Jimin for 11 years, Mina’s Instagram was flooded with comments to support Mina. To this, Mina wrote a thank-you message to everyone who sent her a message of support. AOA members excluding Jimin commented on Mina’s comments.


However, a few days later Mina unfollowed AOA members.



Unfollowed Seolhyun and Changmi from Mina’s follow list.



Until now, Hyejeong and Yuna were in follow-up status, but after that, they followed all AOA members.


Mina talks about why she unfollowed all AOA members:

“Jimin led the bullying, but the rest of the members felt like bystanders,” he said.



Mina said to Seohyun, “My good friend Seohyun has never been upset when Jimin swears about Seohyun. Rather, I valued Seohyun for the reason. I was worried, gave me advice, and sincerely worried,” he said, “all the members knew that Jimin had been bullied, and at the end of the talk, Seolhyun said, “I don’t care, just I don’t like this situation.” He said he was the same bystander from my point of view and that the words were disappointing.

Then Mina talked about Changmi. “Changmi finally asked everyone what a reminder when they all came together to make an apology that didn’t look like an apology. I knew I was young, but I didn’t know what he was saying at all.” He made a bad voice, but he matched him well in front of him, and of course, in a sense, he seemed to be living in a social life, but it seemed to have no authenticity.”



About Yuna, Mina said, “I know Yuna really loved me, but no one helped Jimin before.”



Finally, he said about Hye Jung, “I don’t remember Jimin, why do I know I bullied me, and if I apologize, don’t apologize properly.” gave.


Mina first followed Seol-Hyun and Chang-Mi, especially because he thought Jimin’s best friend Sol-Hyun was a bystander enough,” he said, “later I wanted to gradually erase AOA’s memory. I posted it because I wanted to talk to him.”


Mina made her debut as an AOA member in 2012, but left AOA in 2019 and converted to an actress. After Mina’s exposure, Jimin withdrew from AOA and is currently inactive.

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