APINK Park Cho-rong denies allegations of violence when he was a student, and there is a recording of the victim!

Allegations of violence during school days against Park Cho-rong, a member of girl group Apink, have surfaced. In an interview with the media, Internet user A, who claimed to be a classmate of Park Cho-rong and an elementary school, revealed the fact of violence during his school days. In response to such a claim by Internet user A, PLAYM Entertainment, the agency of Park Cho-rong, made an official announcement.

Park Cho-rong, the leader of the girls group Apink, who made his debut on April 19, 2011 and celebrated his 11th year of debut this year, has been leading the team successfully for 10 years without any incidents, but this time he is a student. Allegations of violence in the times have surfaced and criticism is flooding online.


<Victim A’s claim that he was victimized by Park Cho-rong>


Mr. A is a classmate of Park Cho-rong and an elementary school, and when he was 17 years old in 2008 when he went to a different high school, he happened to meet Park Cho-rong on the road, but when she was smiling, she said, “With a moody face. Park Cho-rong said, “Hey, Cho-rong wants to hit you,” and took him to an alley. Park Cho-rong said, “You look at me and laugh at me. After saying, “I hit my cheek and kicked the shin over there.” Park Cho-rong’s friends beat him by hitting and kicking Mr. A’s head and shoulders. The incident caused swelling of the face and bruising of the whole body. ”

Mr. A said that he had a hard time with the past trauma when he saw Park Cho-rong who made his debut in the girls group Apink. I was accused of being investigated by the police. ”

Mr. A also told the facts to Park Cho-rong’s agency, Play M Entertainment, but he also said that he responded with a slight reaction, thinking that it was just an anti-fan prank call at his agency.

After that, he contacted Park Cho-rong, but he tried to sort out the situation with a single word, “I’m sorry,” and said, “Officially apologize,” and Park Cho-rong demanded that he meet. Park Cho-rong even changed the word on his second phone call that there was no violence because Mr. A did not try to meet him in trauma. ” Mr. A said there was a first call recording with Park Cho Rong to prove this. Mr. A said he had received a call from another friend who had assaulted Park Cho-rong at the time, and said, “I got a call shortly after finishing the call with Park Cho-rong and my memory is wrong.” We also talked about the situation in which they talked to each other.

Not when the violence problem occurred in the entertainment world, but as to the reason for exposing it now, “I have been hiding my true nature in the entertainment world, and I was very worried because there was concern about secondary harm. Became ill and made such a decision. ” Recently, Park Cho-rong has been accused of being a perpetrator, so he has revealed the fact of the assault and counterclaimed her for accusation. ”

Regarding Mr. A’s allegation of assault damage, the agency said, “The information provided was clearly hurt, and I had already threatened Park Cho-rong with the same content and corrected the facts, but Mr. A continued about the facts. As we have clarified our position on this, we will strictly hold the legal liability for this case based on the evidence. ”


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