WEEEKLY Members Profile (Facts, Age)

Weeekly Members Profile with Facts, Age and more interesting information. Weeekly is a Korean girl group consists of 7 members.

Girl group Apink’s affiliated office, PLAYM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as PLAYM) will debut a rookie girl group for the first time in 10 years.

PLAYM revealed the name of Apink’s sister group on the 11th.

WEEEKLY Official Accounts:
Twitter: @_Weeekly
Instagram: @_weeekly
Facebook: @WeeeklyOfficial
Youtube: Weeekly 위클리
TikTok: @weeekly
Fan Cafe: Weeekly
V Live: Weeekly
Weverse: WEEEKLY

The name of the new girl group is “weeekly”.

There is one more e in the weekly, meaning once a week, and three.

Along with the group name, the official profile photos of the seven members and their birthdays have been released.

Lee SooJin

▶Real Name: Lee Soo Jin

▶Date of Birth: December 12, 2001

▶Positions: Main dancer, vocal, center

Soojin was born in Seoul, South Korea. She is very talented at dance with experience as a cover dancer! When she wants to find time for herself, she likes listening to music or watching seniors’ stages on her phone.

Soojin attended Dongguk University’s Department of Drama after graduating from Jamsil Middle School and Youngpa Girls’ High School; it seems that this graduate will be doing well in the future!

The Mnet reporter asked Soojin to demonstrate her audition song, and she sang “Hope and Hope” by Kim Nayoung. She’s been singing for four years since the age of 18 thanks to being scouted in a mall with other idols were about ten people waiting in line.” Her voice is high pitched, but it has an edge that makes you believe when she sings ‘I’m here right now.’

Shin Jiyoon

▶Real Name:Shin Ji Yun

▶Date of Birth:March 2, 2002

▶Positions: lead vocal, lead dancer, rapper

Jiyoon was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. She has a sister and her English name is Beyoncé; she writes under the pen name Bettie. Jiyoon studied at Yangyoung Middle School (graduated), Sunae High School where she received training in voice impersonations, speaking other languages such as French or Spanish fluently, painting people around her for fun with oil pastels on canvas boards that are often used to paint scenery during theatrical performances because they’re easy to work with backstage due their mobility factor being flexible enough so not everything would be damaged from moving it through tight spaces without any care taken into consideration whatsoever like you can’t tell what kind of person I am just by looking at me anymore!

Jiyoon loves to play guitar. She likes singing while playing the instrument and composing her own lyrics, sometimes even writing about what she is going through in life or how people are feeling. When on a long trip with friends Jiyoon will always explore new neighborhoods they come across because that’s where you find unique places for food, music performances, street art etcetera!

When eating samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly), which is one of her favorite foods by the way…when it comes time to eat this dish Jiyoon cannot resist adding peanut butter over top before biting into its deliciousness! And when not exploring different areas within Korea – like shopping districts at night-Jiayoung stays home practicing dancing or reading books.


▶Real Name: Kim Jimin

▶Date of birth:May 10, 2002

▶Position: Main vocal, lead dancer

With a raucous laugh and an infectious smile, Monday is the best type of friend to have. Her playful demeanor makes it impossible not to get swept up in her good mood–who wouldn’t want that kind of positive energy? Teaching others about life through music has been one way she provides lighthearted entertainment for all those around her; even when dealing with difficult topics like domestic abuse or bullying, she always tries to find humor where there can be found. With so many talents at hand (playing dodgeball, volleyball, handball) you’ll never know what they’re going to do next!

Park So-eun

▶Date of birth: October 29, 2002

▶Position: lead vocal, lead dancer

Born in Gwangju, South Korea and with a brother, Soeun is an interesting individual.

She enjoys Korean food as well as eating mozzarella cheese and watermelon; the things she doesn’t like include cream cheese, coconut or pupa. Her hobbies range from going to dog café to cooking but her favorite activity would be watching Netflix!

One of her most common habits includes hugging pillows which might come off unusual for some people who have never seen it before.

With a mix of professional and playful attitude, Soeun is the definition of what an idol should be.

She can sing so sweetly when she needs to like in her cover songs “Lullaby” by Shawn Mendez or “Honey Honey” from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun; yet at other times she can belt out with such strength that her voice sounds as if it was coming straight off the stage into your ears -her signature move being one where both hands are gripping tightly onto opposite ends of microphone while singing powerfully! With all these aspects combined, you cannot help but feel mesmerized by this girl who has big ambitions for herself…and we’re not complaining!

Lee Jae-Hee

▶Date of Birth:March 18, 2004

▶Position: vocals, main rapper

Jaehee’s lighthearted personality keeps the office lively. She has a fierce competitive spirit, which she channels to her creative field of slime-making!

Jaehee grew up in South Korea with her parents, who were both doctors. She was an only child and found it hard to make friends because of the cultural differences she faced at school. In order for Jaehee to fit into a more familiar setting, she changed her name from Monica back home when speaking English or acting out American parts on stage (she would go by “Mona”).

Her education consisted mainly of Daehwa Elementary School which ended early so kids could focus on studying harder subjects like math and science. The children in her neighborhood all studied hard and played together, but due to the rigorous nature of their schooling they rarely had time for fun activities or playtime.


▶Real Name: Ji Hyo Han

▶Date of Birth: July 12, 2004

Jihan was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

– She’s an only child and her favorite food is korean foods like smoothies that she can easily memorize choreographies to.

Jihan Education: Anyang Buheung Middle School (graduated), Hanlim Multi Art High School (Musical Theatre Department) – Her specialty has always been playing the guitar but now it’s performing as a singer for songs from musical theater productions which are often more difficult vocally than most pop music found on TV or radio stations.

Jihan Hobbies: Playing the guitar, drumming in a band for cover songs at local bars and cafes. The first time she performed on stage was when she played drums with her high school friends at an open mic night at their school’s auditorium.


▶Date of birth: May 31, 2005

▶Position: main rapper, vocals

Zoa is an only child, and her name in English is Amy. Her education includes Gyeonggido Elementary School (graduated), Seongnam Baekhyeon Middle School (graduated) Apgujeung High school; with a specialty in imitating the characters from the Crash Landing on You show because it made her laugh so much as a kid!

She loves green tea flavored foods but hates sesame leaves- which might also explain why one of her hobbies are singing to music while drinking something hot or watching Youtube videos about food recipes that would make for great tasting dishes..or just eating any kind of yummy dish right off your plate!

When she was younger, Zoa would always go to the store with her friends and just spend hours playing around in all of the aisles. She can also speak two languages- Korean and English- which helps when it comes to writing lyrics!

She has been nicknamed ‘Giant baby,’ ‘Zoababy,’ ‘Bambi,’ and the like by her fans who are drawn to how she innocently speaks up on behalf of others in leadership positions during performances or interviews.

Her music career began when one day at home after school while watching TV with friends from high school they stumbled upon MAJOR’s audition program “I-Teen Dream”.

‘weeekly’ opened the official V LIVE channel and gave a greeting.

Many people thought that the visual members of “weeekly” were the leader Lee Soo Jin and Choa, but the fans who watched the released V LIVE video said that the member Ji Han is good at talking and cute. Although he is the smallest of the members in terms of height, he is expected to become a popular member when he makes his debut.

TVXQ Yunho is not bad, MBC news will apologize Fan protest!

TVXQ Yunho tries to escape by drinking alcohol with a woman at an illegal sex shop!

Yoochun Appeared on TV for the first time in a Year

BLACKPINK Jisoo will give a Dior bag of about 500,000 yen for his best friend’s birthday?

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