Let’s See Those April KDrama Releases!

Happy spring everyone! Let’s see what April has in store for us. What will you be watching?


This show looks like a lot of fun. It’s about a man who graduated from the best school but can’t get a job. He teams up with a couple grim reapers to do some good. I always love a good fantasy kdrama! We’ll see how this one is.

Our Blues

Everyone is comparing this to Hometown Cha Cha Cha. From the trailers and descriptions, this is probably more of a melodrama than a romantic comedy. This show has a crazy all star cast with the beloved Shin Mi Na and the famous never disappoints us, Lee Byung Hun. Also, welcome back to the small screen Kim Woo Bin! We are all looking forward to seeing him again. We can’t forget our OG’s Cha Seung WonLee Jeong EunKim Hye Ja and Han Ji Min. I’m looking for something heart warming with the beautiful scenery of Jeju Do and Shin Mi Na’s dimples!

My Liberation Notes

Another show I am so excited for with some of my favourite actors Kim Ji Won and Lee Min Ki. I always get excited to watch shows with great actors. Often the descriptions of the shows are not enough to entice me.

I’m excited to see Kim Ji Won in this but come girl, let’s get to filming Arthdal Chronicles! I’ve been waiting for so long!

Green Mothers’ Club

I’m not 100% sold on this show yet. I was worried it would be a knock off of Sky Castle with middle class people from the synopsis but the trailer seems very different. I’m hoping this one will be a mildly funny show.

Again My Life

Okay, the KDrama world is obviously ready for the next Lee Joong Ki masterpiece. Bring it on!

Shooting Stars (Or Shitting Stars?)

Our loveable, hilarious, and beautiful Lee Sung Kyung! She has never failed to keep me entertained.

From Now, Showtime

I have mixed feelings about this one. Something about Park Hae Jin. I want to like him and be a fan but all of his previous work has underwhelmed me. I loved Jin Ki Joo in Little Forest and Come and Hug Me. We’ll see about this one.

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