Are Girls’ Generation aka SNSD Planning Comeback?


Fans of Girls Generations are waiting for a long time to get their favorite girl group new album and songs.

The group made its debut in 2017 since then it has been listed as one of the important and famous kpop girls groups and the reason behind this is their loyal fan base.

SNSD’s future was broken down when the members of this group started to walk on their own away and some of them became solo singers, actresses and tried to form a new band leaving their own famous SNSD band behind.

When the group posted a new photo together on their social media account the rumors started to grow and many fans started to think if the girls are doing any comeback.

Fan’s loves this band very much and SNSD is one of the pioneer kpop groups which has helped to grow the kpop industry and also helped other groups.

Is SNSD making a comeback?

It has not been confirmed maybe they are teasing the fans or it is just their causal meetup plan to take a photoshoot. But this has created a lot of rumors and fans are divided into two as one side says they are getting an SNSD to come back and the other side says they are just posting photos and nothing else.

If we talk a look at 2017, SM Entertainment announced that Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun decided to withdraw from the renewed contract as they want to focus on their personal solo career but the other five members renewed the contract with SM Entertainment in September 2020.

All of the members of this group reunited for a special reunion episode of tvN’s variety show ‘You Quiz on the Block’ back in August 2021.

#SNSD_Comeback became one of the trending hashtags on Instagram when fans of SNSD saw the photo of the girls together also, fans did notice that the social media accounts of this girl group have been revamped.

Kpop fans are very serious and they notice every single and small change of their idol’s social media account. There is also another proof that fans have found the SNSD comeback is that the official account of Girls’ Generation has followed each and every eight members of the SNSD which can be a sign of a comeback too.

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