Are we getting OT13 Seventeen in the end of 2021?


SEVENTEEN is a group of 13 members and they had tried their best every time for the best comebacks and results. Every time all of the members reschedule their time frame for the happiness of the fans and for releasing the album.

After working for many years with no holidays and breaking the group Chinese members The8 aka Minghao and Jun aka Junhui were in China for meeting their families.

And it is also good news that fans can finally be happy because they can get OT13 Seventeen before 2021 ends.

Since lockdown made many restrictions on travel these two members were unable to meet their families and were not able to return back to their hometown. Anyway, last time Pledis Entertainment has made an announcement where they said that Seventeen Chinese members will back to their hometown to enjoy the vacation.

Due to these opportunities, The8 and Jun enjoyed their time with family in China.

Jun and Minghao to return soon


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Last time the album ‘Attacca’ was a grand hit and it also made double-million sales worldwide topping the Billboard chart too. Their album Japanese version ‘Ai no chikara’ also topped many charts in Japan including Japan’s Oricon Daily Chart, Japan’s Line, AWA, and Rakuten charts.

The 11 members of this group also won Worldwide Fans’ Choice at MAMA 2021 awards this year. But at the time of celebration of their album success, two members were in China and unable to attend the celebration psychically.

After the fans got the news of OT13 or Jun and The8 comeback they are very happy and they even shared a lot of comments on the internet and did comment on their personal Instagram account to rejoice and welcome them back to Korea.

The managers have confirmed that they will be back next week or in the week of December 20 but they won’t be seen publicly because Korea quarantine rules must be followed by them too.


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