Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 (Release Date, Casts)

Arthdal Chronicles

When the first season of Arthdal Chronicles was released in 2019, fans all over the world praised this series for its excellent plot, acting and overall vibe. The series had everything going for it and a lot of people thought highly of it.

Another group of people even say that the second season has actually been canceled. Is there any truth to it? Well, let us find out.

Season 1 Review

The critics have praised Arthdal Chronicles for its really great story, a unique setting and impressive visuals too. This show was the sixth most watched K Drama among the viewers in the US. It was also rated highly among the Korean shows in South Korea. A lot of people really liked it.

The writing in the show is really great. It has terrific dialogues and an impressive story as well. Speaking about the story,

The show tells the story of a mythical land named Arth that is centuries old. It is actually bronze age old!

Anyway, the residents of this ancient city are engaged in power struggles and they encounter people along the way. Eun-Seom goes through hardships to bring his tribe back to life and in the process, he learns about his actual origin.

Superb, right? Now, moving on to the direction, it’s so cool. The series looks and sounds great. The soundtrack complements the tone of the show perfectly and this provides a seriously great vibe to it.

In addition, this show also has really great acting. The actors have natural facial expression and impressive character portrayal.

Is the second 2 cancelled?

There were rumors that the second season of this great show would be cancelled but it turned out to be false. We don’t see a reason why this show would be cancelled. It has everything in its disposal to become one of the most interesting Korean shows ever.

The actors have done a really great job here. In the second season, we can definitely see the return of various actors such as  Jang Dong-gun (as Ta-gon), Song Joong-ki (Eun-seom and Saya), Kim Ji-won (Tan-ya), and Kim Ok-vin (Tae Al-ha) in the lead roles.

In the second season, the story will likely start from where it ended in the first. The story here is quite great.

When will the  Second season come out?

This south korean TV series was finally confirmed for a second season in 2020. But the filming could not begin because of the pandemic. It was later confirmed that the filming halted for the foreseeable future. And Netflix even excluded the show from their 2021 lineup so, it won’t really be back this year.

So yeah, we don’t have an exact release date but we do know that it is not coming in 2021. It might be released mid 2022 if they can film it this year.

We are going to be updating you with the correct date of release as soon as we get an announcement from the makers of this series. Just stay tuned to us for more info on this South Korean series in the future.

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