ATEEZ’s(에이티즈) latest music video ‘Eternal Sunshine’ breaks record for fastest ATEEZ MV to reach 10 mil views


ATEEZ’s latest music video is gaining lots of views and love from fans. This music video is a massive hit.

Within 18 hours and 30 minutes of its release, the music video hit 10 million views on YouTube. The speed of views gained broke the record for the fastest ATEEZ music video to reach 10 million views. Previously ATEEZ’s music video “THANXX” reached 10 million views in 21 hours and 50 minutes.

Along with THANXX, INCEPTION, and the recent single Deja Vu, Eternal Sunshine became the fourth ATEEZ music video to reach 10 million views within 24 hours. They will begin promotions for “Eternal Sunshine” on October 7th with an appearance on Mnet’s M! Countdown.

The music video is getting a lot of love and currently, it has gained more than 12 million views. Congratulations to the group for achieving such massive success. It’s truly a praiseworthy and beautiful music video.

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