Bad and Crazy Be Review: Ready to Be Entertained

Four sexy lead actors are all I need to get started on this show. I waited for this show to come for so long and it did not disappoint.

We have Ryu Soo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook, our favorite grim reaper) who is a mildly corrupt police superintendent and got his position by sucking up and doing favors for rich people. This eventually gets him into trouble. Ironically, he works in the anti-corruption unit.

Next is K (Wi Ha Joon), a crazy weirdo who is hell-bent on doing the right thing and just shows up out of nowhere. We later find out that he is Soo Yeol’s alter ego or imaginary friend or psychologists would call it Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Lee Hee Kyum (Han Ji Eun) is a detective in the narcotics unit and also Soo Yeol’s ex-girlfriend. I found out about this show because the action/stunt director posted her practicing on his Instagram. She is a badass and former gold medalist for I didn’t quite catch what it was for but based on the show, she seems proficient in Hapkido or Judo.

Oh, Kyung Tae (Cha Hak Yeon) is the fourth lead character. He was a cop and eventually gets promoted to work with Soo Yeol. He is a type A and honest to a fault which also gets him beaten up by the bad guys.

This show was super fast-paced in all 12 episodes. It had the same vibe as The Uncanny Counter, a little dark, a little comic book-ish, and all-around action-packed. This show was a perfect action drama, a cop show. We all love to see a corrupt cop turn good. I was initially a little worried because I never want to see Lee Dong Wook play a bad guy even though he does it so well. Soo Yeol is conflicted. He grew up with a single mother who adopted him when his father died and didn’t get to go to university despite being smart enough. Because of all of his perceived weaknesses he feels he has to do such things to succeed. Despite being a little corrupt, Soo Yeol still had people who were loyal to him. His colleague, Jae Seon (Cha Shi Won) even said to him, “Why are you being like this? We do all the work and you take the credit. That’s how it’s always been, don’t change now.”

The plot has a kind of inception effect or kind of like Russian dolls. The first bad guy took down leads to the bigger bad guy behind him and then those bad guys take you to the shell of all of the bad guys and the source of it all. So the minute you think you can breathe, something crazier happens. This made me glad that I watched this show as it was being aired otherwise I wouldn’t have slept until it was done and I would have needed time to come down from the anxiety from the show.

Han Ji Eun is the ultimate girl’s girl and she was an amazing cop. I love her unintentional intensity in every role she plays. She went from playing a single mom dealing with bullshit men in Melo is My Nature to a psycho ex in Lovestruck in the City to a stoic badass cop in this show. She looks like she isn’t going to do much for a show when you initially watch her and then out of nowhere she brings this unexpected intensity to her character.

Wi Ha Joon killed it as K. I have been in love with him since Romance is a Bonus Book. This man knows how to captivate whoever is watching him on the screen, no matter what his role is. How this man with so much talent wasn’t discovered before Squid Game is beyond me! He was the perfect dissociated personality for Soo Yeol and brought the crazy. I love Han Ji Eun and Lee Dong Wook but Wi Ha Joon 100% outshined both of them. Combined.

A dissociative personality disorder is extremely rare and happens when there is severe trauma as a protective mechanism for the person who has it. Soo Yeol went through extreme abuse as a child and saw his father die. He lost part of his memory. Soo Yeol calls K he alter ego when he finally realizes that K is actually him. He accepts K as a part of him and told Hee Kyum about him and knows that he’s a part of him to help him get through a tough time.

In the end, K doesn’t leave and leaves room for a second season. But, do we need a second season?


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