Bang Chan (Stray Kids) Profile and Facts

Bang Chan

The whole world knows Bang Chan and he has been one of the most popular faces in K-pop for years. His voice is powerful, his smile is wide, and he’s got a killer dance move that never fails to make people lose their minds.

This blog post will be about Bang Chan who has been in kpop for years now. He’s known by many names like Bangchan or just simply BANGBANG but it doesn’t matter what you call him because this man can do anything!

He had an amazing voice along with a great personality which helped him become so popular in Korea. He also dances and sings amazingly while having the best attitude ever!

A member of Korean music band Stray Kids who has been in kpop for years now.

Bang Chan Facts

– His voice is powerful

– He has the best attitude ever

Chan’s family moved to Australia when he was young. His birth place is in South Korea, and has one younger sister named Hannah and brother Lucas. He went to Cheongdam High School before leaving Sydney for his high school education at Newtown Performing Arts College where Seungmin attended as well; their senior year of high school together was spent with him taking ballet classes on the side while studying music composition courses from the Royal Academy of Music – which Chan excelled greatly in both disciplines!

Chan received many nicknames over time but according to members’ names they are Kangaroo (because it hops like a kangaroo), Koala because koalas have fluffy ears that look similar-except not so big-, or sometimes Charlie Chaplin due to his facial expressions.

Chan is the second shortest member of the group (Hwiyoung being first), and he is mainly a vocalist, but also sings in other parts too. He has been with Stray Kids since it’s conception back when they were trainees.

Chan speaks Korean as his native language and knows English fluently enough to communicate.

Chan has been involved in the Stray Kids’ performances and activities with his fellow members since debuting on March 25, 2018.

– Bang Chan is one of the youngest members among Korean music band Stray Kids

– He first participated in JYP Entertainment’s survival show “Stray Kids” which aired on the Mnet channel

– His stage name is “Bang Chan” or also known as “Kang John” due to his appearance.

BangChan likes to make people have a good time since he was a kid. He moved houses 5 times when living in Australia: 1) Strathfield, NSW; 2) Drummoyne, NSW; 3) Enfield, NSW; 4 )Belmore, Sydney ;5- Greenacre.,NSW

In 2010 after passing an audition for JYP Entertainment while living in Australia Bangchan signed with the company and trained for 7 years before joining pre-debut group 3RACHA alongside Changbin and Jisung as CB97.

– He is a vocalist and sometimes sings in other parts too. His stage name is Bang Chan or also known as Kang John due to his appearance.

Chan thinks his charming point is the dimples that appear on his face when he smiles. His naturally curly hair never goes flat and always remains wavy regardless of how much product or gel was applied to it beforehand. He speaks English, Korean, Japanese and a little bit of Chinese which makes him popular with friends in LA who are interested in languages other than American ones for once! Chan’s hobby this year has been playing sports like soccer and basketball as well as running fast (so if you ever need someone to race against at your school track meet then look no further). And just last week he got himself an drivers license so now there’s almost nothing holding him back from being able to go absolutely anywhere–except maybe traffic during rush hour but that’s another story.

Chan’s favorite season is Autumn, and he likes sunny days more than rainy ones. His platonic love for chicken has been well documented: it’s a staple of his diet on Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1 – which also proves that Chan does not like beef or pork (and may have never eaten ham). Though an avid Drake fan, the only album by him in Chan’s iTunes library was “More Life.” He wears Versace Eros as cologne.

Chan’s dog is a King Charles Spaniel, and his name is Berry. Woojin had an impression of Chan as being cold when they first met. When he goes on vacation, Chan prefers planned trips with things like bungee jumping during them. He doesn’t enjoy watching movies alone while away either! One interesting thing about him that you might not know: Bang Chan can rotate his hand to 360 degrees!

His dad owns a swimming club in Sydney so it’s no surprise that he used to swim for fun back then too; at the age of 8 Ban broke the record for 50 m freestyle swimming at their school carnival–he even beat swimmers who were years older than him!

Chan wants to be a professional golfer when he grows up. He has been playing the game since he was six years old and it’s his favorite sport in school!

He loves eating seafood so much that even if you cook your own meal, Chan will eat all of yours too–he is afraid that there won’t be enough

Chan is a Korean-American YouTuber and singer who speaks English, Japanese and Korean fluently. He was born in Los Angeles, California on February 22nd 1995 to his parents aspiring for him to become an actor or rapper. Chan trained with GOT7’s BamBam; TWICE’S Sana (who also said she sees her as close friend); DAY6’s Young K says that they are still good friends now too; 15&‘ Jimin shared that he is best buddies with this awesome guy named Bangchan!

Chan mentioned during the interview from After School Club Ep 325 how sometimes he thinks about things in both languages – which could be what makes him such an amazing artist even though speaking multiple languages can often make it difficult to express certain thoughts or ideas in a different language.

He was introduced as one of the nine members on January 31st, 2018. His stage name is Bangchan and he also goes by “Bang Chan.”

In the new dorm Bang Chan, Lee Know, Hyunjin and Seungmin share a room.

Bang is known for being an avid cook at their old dorms and now he has more time to focus on this hobby as well! He loves cooking all sorts of meals but his favorite dish that he cooks is spicy chicken fried rice with vegetables.

– His motto: “Just enjoy~”

He tries not to take life too seriously because thinking about it stresses him out so much haha (what can we say? It’s hard getting older). But in terms of work ethic–Chan does everything 100% whether it means rehearsing or waking up early for morning call times; which sounds like a pretty good habit if you ask us.

He knows that he’s not the best rapper or dancer, but sometimes when you just “have to” do something like rap for your fans without a dance break in between it can get tough–especially if you’re not confident with what comes out of your mouth right away. But Bang Chan does know his limitations and is willing to listen and learn from others.

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