Best Funny K-Dramas (Just Straight Laughs)

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Do you have KDrama emotional exhaustion? Do you need a break but don’t want to stop watching Koreans on TV? Sometimes you need a good laugh to reset your mind frame before moving on to the next emotional rollercoaster. These are my favorite comedies with minimal drama yet equally entertaining.


Everyone who has seen this will agree that this show is fall off your couch hilarious and ridiculous. It’s about a group of friends who live in a guest house and manage it as a part of their rental agreement. Season 1 starts off with Joong Ki (Lee Yi Kyung), Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun), and Doo Shik (Son Seung Won) and they find a random baby in one of the guest room closets. She was left by one of the guests which they later meet. They also live with Dong Goo’s sister Seo Jin (Go Won Hee) and the four them are struggling to make ends meet and get into all sorts of shit.

If you want a show that is sitcom style, easy to watch, no crazy long lost first loves, and loveable characters, this show is for you. There are two seasons of this show. The second season has new characters and new crazy situations.

The Producers

This show is so underrated. It’s set up like a documentary with an all-star cast and lots of cameos. Kim Soo Hyun plays Baek Seung Chan a shy and super awkward intern who’s working under Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin) and Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun, for you old ass folks like me, he was the boyfriend in the 2001 movie My Sassy Girl). Ye Jin is an arrogant yet smart music video producer who uses her power over the rookies. Joon Mo is a cranky variety show producer. IU plays a self-centered idol named Cindy who was caught in a scandal and is trying to revive her career. All four superstar actors did an amazing job of showing how flawed they are and also making you feel empathy for them.

This show is a satire about the entertainment industry. There are cameos in every episode and every episode is hilarious. The show is very smartly written and the actors also did a really great job. I don’t see how this show would have worked with a different cast.

Sound of Your Heart

This show is just straight goofiness. I don’t know how the actors could have possibly completed filming this show because I would have been laughing the entire time and the show would never get finished. This is what I would define as stupid-funny with some crude bathroom humor added in. I saw Lee Kwang Soo who is Jo Suk in the show, played a rookie cop in Live and I had no idea how funny he was until I saw this. The entire Jo family was perfectly cast. Jung So Min who played Ae Bong, Suk’s girlfriend was surprisingly hilarious in the show as well. This show is a perfect pick me up in the  30-minute bite-size episode.

Work Now, Drink Later

I just love the three main characters in this show. I’m not 100% sure if this show belongs on this list but I just love it so much. This show starts off hilarious and all jokes then it transitions to more serious and explains how each of the women got to where they are but still with all the jokes. I love how the actresses are able to play the role of the fun drinking buddy but also the best friend who is with you when you need them the most. I am so excited for Season 2 which is expected to come out in 2022.

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