Best Highschool K-Drama To Watch In 2022

Best Highschool K-Drama

Have you ever wondered why high school dramas have so much in the general public or k-drama lovers? It’s probably because of all the work that goes into it from the storyline to the type of setting it’s gonna take place in. Korean HS dramas will give you everything that you need, it has romance, action, terror, heartbreaks, comedy, and many more. these dramas and series tend to be more on the realistic aspect of everyday life in comparison to western high school dramas that are always over-exaggerated. No way am I saying that some Korean don’t exaggerate some of their storylines but it’s not to that extent that makes it unwatchable or unreliable. Now let’s look at the list of Korean high school dramas that you’ll probably like.

Extraordinary You

Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye-Yoon) assumes that she is a normal HS girl with many friends. She lives in a comic book and seems to be getting along well until she discovers that she’s just a minor character. The worst thing happens and she falls in love with the comics extra Haru (Rowoon). Since he’s extra, he’s almost nonexistent in the manga, so Dano doesn’t even notice him. Despite the overlapping conditions against each other, the two struggle over how to get along. You like the actors in this series. Hye Yoon Kim regained her popularity with her role in her ‘Sky Castle’, which was a welcome change for her. In this series, she portrays an innocent and innocent girl who falls in love with a very unpopular Haru. Her struggle to change her inevitable fate adds to the fun of the drama. It helps the series catch a lot of eyes!

Love Alarm

The smartphone app is designed to detect if someone loves you within 10 meters. An alarm goes off when someone likes you, but it doesn’t indicate who likes you. Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-Hyun) finds herself in a situation with two men and has to decide whether to download the app or not.
If you like complex love triangles and emotional high school dramas, Love Signal will take you on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the series. There are longing, sadness, many emotions. Needless to say, Kim So-Hyun naturally plays the role of a high school student and plays Kim Jo-jo, who is bold and assertive.

Reply 1997

Seo In-guk plays Yoon Yoon-Jae, a high school student who has had a crush on his childhood friend and neighbor Song Si-won (Jung Eun-Ji). The two have a family-like bond, but as she progresses to her high school, her affection for Yun-Jae deepens, and Yoon-Jae realizes that he doesn’t want anything other than being with her. The first in the “Answer” series and an undeniable classic. The series is set in high school, where the two main characters grow from childhood friends to adult lovers. As the series focuses on family, the death of a loved one, and romance, it will be accessible to all viewers. If you want a throwback drama based on old-fashioned Kpop, this series won’t disappoint you!

True Beauty

‘Real Beauty’ tells the story of an 18-year-old girl, Lim Joo-Kyung, who discovered the power of makeup in high school, and how she copes with bullying. She transforms into a goddess with a few skillful brushstrokes but is too shy to hide behind her makeup and reveal her true nature. She meets Su-ho, a boy who hides her wounds, and Seo-Joon, who falls in love with her. It is a must-see movie with a heartbreaking love triangle about narcissism.

Boys Over Flowers

There’s a reason “Flowers over Fruits” is known as the “Gateway to Drama” for all other dramas. Adapted from the Chinese and Japanese musicals Yoo Seong-won and Hana-ori Dango, the Korean drama tells the story of Geum Jang-di, a poor girl who gets a scholarship to a wealthy private school.
She attracts the attention of a popular male gang known as F4, but not in the best way possible, but she soon loves countless shaggy moments and lots of creaking moments.

Dream High

Dream High and Boys Over Flowers were neck and neck. Dream High is a film that portrays the lives and dreams of young people who aspire to be starred by attending an Art High School. It was one of the first popular dramas that focus on the lives of high school students. It`s really humorous and heavily centered on Kpop and the desire to become the next Kpop Idol. Suzy, a Kpop sensation, also appears in the film.
Dream High 1 is a drama for those who like to watch characters achieve their goals. Dream High 2 is a game worth playing if you like teen romance. But we think the original Dream High is better than the two.


The drama follows the story of three high school students who start committing crimes to make money. They quickly face danger as a result of their crimes. Jisoo was a model student who committed heinous crimes and became a criminal. Min-hee is a bully involved in Ji-soo’s crime. And Gyuri is Jisoo’s accomplice in this dangerous operation.

Color Rush

‘Color Fever’ is a drama depicting the story of the only high school students in Korea who will debut in the second half of 2020. It is a love story of a boy who is suffering from neurological blindness, who meets Yuan Yang and falls in love with him. Contemplating his fate, Yeon-woo helps his aunt in finding her sister who has been missing for years. He persuades John to join him and eventually confesses the truth about his mother’s absence.

Live On

‘Live On’ is a youth growth drama starring Dabin Jung and Minhyun Hwang. The short series follows Ho-ran Baek, the most popular girl at school, seeking help from Eun-taek Ko, the head of a radio club, and her deepest secrets are revealed online. Baek Ho-ran joins her group and gradually gets closer to her members to gain her trust and cooperation. Although it consists of a total of eight episodes, the upbeat storyline will provide viewers with a new and light drama that will appeal to a wide range of fans.

Sky Castle

Castle in the Sky is a satirical blockbuster drama with compelling and captivating storytelling. Seo-jin Han, Seung-Hye No, Jin-hee Jin, and Myung-Ju Lee live in Sky Castle, an elite neighborhood where the wealthiest families live. In an urgent situation, Lee Myung-Joo’s family leaves, and Lee Soo-i’s middle school family moves in. Su-im, who surprised other residents of Sky Castle, goes to find out the truth about her relationship with Myeong-Joo’s family and her homeroom teacher Jooyoung Kim.

It is said that this particularly reflects the reality of the upper-class school system in Korean society.

The Heirs

‘The Heirs’ is a drama famous for its all-star cast, starring Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-Hye, Kim Woo-bin, and Kim Ji-won. Kim Tan, the successor of the Empire Group, moves to the United States to train asylum seekers when his planful half-brother tries to take over the company and falls in love with Cha Eun-sang in the United States. He later learns that he is the daughter of the family maid, and when his fiance Rachel Yu calls him home, he is forced to choose between love and loyalty to her family.

The plot is full of typical rock clichés (school dramas, family feuds, love triangles, etc.)

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Kang Mi-rae decided to undergo plastic surgery after being bullied for her appearance. At first, she says that her ‘birth’ seems to be a success, but as her college life unfolds, her plans begin to backfire. Her burden of being a ‘pretty woman’ begins to weigh on her, and to make matters worse, those who can see through her surgery mock her as her ‘Gangnam plastic surgery monster’. The drama tells the story of a future where she meets Do Kyung-Seok, her classmate and her high school classmate, and regains her self-esteem.

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