Best Historical K-Drama To Watch in 2022

best historical kdrama

Jampacked with action, drama, romance, culture, comedy, and many more, here is the list of all these amazing historical dramas which are worth the watch. If you’re a k-drama lover with a period touch, these dramas are just for you!!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo

It’s a weird story that I love. I probably wouldn’t have watched it if I had realized I would have been disappointed in the end, but I’m glad I did. lee Joon gi perfect for this role. While I’m still annoyed with how it ended, since it’s based on reality, I don’t think they could have done much more than that. It is going to be fascinating to see if there is going to be a  sequel in the work. It turned into a wonderful tale that I surely loved. Maybe I wouldn`t have watched it if I`d found out I’d be dissatisfied with inside the end, however, I’m satisfied I did. He turned into ideal for the part. Although I’m nevertheless disenchanted with the way it ended, for the reason that it turned primarily based totally on fact, I trust they could not do a good deal more. In each regard, it turned into a wonderful play. It may be captivating to look at whether or not there’s a sequel withinside the works.

Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is an amazing Korean historical drama with great acting. Considering the youth of the four main actors of a Korean historical drama in 2016, I can’t help but congratulate them for their excellent performances. The two characters of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are both solemn and elegant. They are also quite young, graceful, and intelligent. But first, let’s talk about Kwag Dong Jeong’s amazing cheekbones, fighting skills, and gravity-defying ability!! I had a great time playing her! The story of the Best Historical Drama, on the other hand, was a bit lengthy at times, and I had to skip it a few times because it was a bit boring. The story describes Crown Prince Hong Cho On’s growth from an early age into a revered king, as well as his uncanny connection with the eunuch Hong Raon. Park Bogum is the only son of the king and the future king. His employees hate him because he’s unpredictable, brilliant, smart, and mean.

He also likes art and music. Yoo Jung Kim was raised by his mother since he was a boy and currently works as a male relationship consultant and author of romance books under the pseudonym Sammon. She was finally elevated to the rank of Yeong eunuch. Jung Jinyoung is a well-educated scholar from an affluent family. Finally, Chae Soobin is ahead of her time; she is haughty, worldly, and honest. . Because she was the daughter of the influential Minister of Rites, she was selected as Yeong’s crown princess. Kwak DongYeon, a capable soldier and scholar, also serves as the Crown Prince’s palace’s Head of the Imperial Guard. In this Historical Korean Drama, he is not only Yeong’s childhood buddy but also his confidant. However, he is keeping something from LeeYeong for fear of losing her trust.


The best Korean historical drama about a teenage warrior ever! I enjoyed all the funny jokes and the camaraderie of the guys: the show’s brotherly storyline sets it apart and makes it incredibly entertaining. The entire group delivered an extraordinary performance. I started watching Korean historical dramas because I am a big fan of Park Seo Joon, and he is amazing in all of his works. Gives the incredible cast and staff, plus the film’s fantastic costumes, a standing ovation. It’s great! A humble younger guy rises above his environment to come to be a famed Hwarang warrior. When his buddy, Kim Sun-woo, is killed via way of means of one of the Queen Regent`s guards, he’s taking on his identity. She works a lot of jobs to aid her family. As a result of assassination attempts, the younger and fearful King flees into seclusion. He joins the Hwarang as “Kim Ji-Dwi,” Lord Kim Wi Hwa’s nephew.



The story is set in Joseon Dynasty Korea, three years after the epic battle “Battle of Unpo Wetland” at Sangju, in which 500 Korean soldiers commanded by Governor Ahn Hyeon fought 30,000 Japanese troops. Unbeknownst to the people, the battle of Unpo Wetland was won utilizing a plant known as the “Resurrection Plant,” which transformed the sick Sumang villagers into formidable zombies, who were then slaughtered and buried in secret after the combat. The zombie genre has dwindled, as Western releases are vying to be the most trashy and boring thing on the market.

Ruler: Master of the Mask

Set in 18th-century Joseon, The Prince: The Masked Master is the fictional story of a prince who must wear a mask to cover his face from a powerful secret organization, the Pyunsu group. By privatizing the waters of Joseon, a hidden gang tries to take over the country. The prince is forbidden from leaving the castle, so he cannot observe the life behind the royal gates. However, he manages to escape to the outside world at a risk. There he falls in love but meets a woman in disguise. Things become complex when the prince is pressured by the shadow group to execute the father of the lady he loves. This drama is not for someone squeamish, However, if you can overlook the more accidental events that occur from time to time, you will enjoy this drama. Despite its limitations, the series offers a compelling storyline and an outstanding cast.


Best Historical Korean Dramas wherein the author expertly crafts a lovely story from history, mythology, and Korean mythologies, with a hint of imagination. A Timeless Love Story: Choi Young and Eun Soo`s love story is certain to pull on the heartstrings of viewers. This love that transcends millennia and defies the passage of time will attraction to romantics and enthusiasts of the Best Korean Historical Dramas. Choi Young is falling for Eun Soo, regardless of the truth that he is aware of he should maintain his promise to help her go back to her global with the aid of using coaching her the policies in their global and shielding her from innumerable demise traps. This Historical Korean Drama expertly depicts the sluggish fall in love, but the thought ‘will she go back?’ by no means left anyone’s mind.

King Gongmin of Goryeo married Wongongju Noguk and returned to Goryeo. Unfortunately, they are ambushed en route and the queen dies. Following the king’s advice, the king sends the commander of the guard, Choi Yong, to find the “heavenly spirit” and enter it through a supernatural gate (astronomical gate). Choi Young-eun travels to the future to save the queen’s life and calls in a highly trained doctor Yoo Eun-soo from Seoul. The queen promises to reward her if she rescues her, but her aide tries to persuade King Gongmin to help Eun-Su.

Arang and the Magistrate

They return to Goryeo after King Gongmin of Goryeo marries Yuan princess Noguk. Unfortunately, they are assaulted while on their way, and the queen is slain. On the recommendation of his royal adviser, the King dispatches Choi Young, the Captain of the Royal Guard, to enter through a supernatural portal (“heaven’s gate”) to seek the “heaven’s doctor.” Choi Young travels to the future to save the queen’s life and summons Yoo Eun-soo, an advanced doctor from Seoul. He promises her a reward if she saves the queen, but the royal adviser wants to persuade King Gongmin to keep Eun-soo since she can help him. The drama is based on the main folk tales. Create a whole new, exciting, and deep fantasy world with unique myths, rules, and magical creatures. This series is perfect for anyone who likes captivating fantasy dramas!

Deep Rooted Tree

The deep-rooted tree is neither a classic historical drama nor a romantic comedy. Before you decide to watch this series, be prepared for intrigue and political intrigue with elements of tragedy, mystery, and thriller. If you watch a drama that is funny, heartbreaking, and heartbreaking, it will most likely be on the list of the best dramas you’ve ever seen. The plot begins with Sejong accidentally killing his family and a slave to protect him from his cruel father Taejong, who has all the power. Luckily, the two young slaves survive but break up. One grows up as a servant in the palace and the other into a brave warrior, longing for revenge. Years pass and the former slave (who swore to kill the monarch) returns to the palace. However, he is engulfed in a mystery involving a series of murders.

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