Best Horror K-Drama To Watch in 2022

From the release of sweet home to the release of the call, I think we all know the reason why all these horror kdramas are so good. It’s an undenying fact that no one does horror and thriller movies than Korean directors and writers. What makes these dramas so interesting to watch is the perfect balance between drama and action and horror. Let’s look at the list of best horror dramas and what makes it so amazing.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a horror/thriller TV series based on the famous webtoon, with some confusing monsters on screen. The drama tells the story of Hyun, a lonely young man who lost all of his family in a tragic incident. After moving into a new apartment, Hyun begins to discover terrifying monsters roaming around him. The first season of Sweet Home began in December 2020 and quickly became a fan favorite.

This is the first time for a Korean series to enter the top 10 on Netflix in the US. In 70 additional countries, it was also in the top ten on Netflix. Viewers praised Sweet Home for its powerful female characters and stunning visuals from Legacy Effects, the visual effects team that worked on Avengers and Game of Thrones.


Based on Matt Naylor’s Hollywood screenplay, the Netflix original film #Alive offers a fresh take on the zombie subgenre.#Alive follows a young blogger who is stranded in his flat after a zombie apocalypse. The man has to choose between hermit and fighting zombies.
#Alive isn’t the only film based on Matt Naylor’s script for One. An English-language film starring Tyler Posey was released in October 2020 with the same title as the original script. #Alive scored significantly better with reviewers and audiences than its English language cousin, receiving an 88 percent rating on rotten tomatoes, whilst Alone earned far less praise.

The Call

The call is a lesser-known Korean sci-fi thriller inspired by cult classics such as Donnie Darko and Crimes of Time. The film tells the story of a 28-year-old woman, Seo-Yeon, who visits her grandmother in her backcountry. Seo-Yeon loses her cell phone and she worries that she will lose contact with the outside world. Seo-Yeon finds a strange antique cordless phone in her home from her lonely childhood. She soon realizes that she can communicate with Seo-Yeon, Yong-suk, a girl who she lives in the same house in 1999, and she. Seo-Yeon tries to protect the fragile Young-sook from dangers she is not aware of. Here’s some crazy sci-fi that defies all expectations and is powerful enough to eventually become a cult classic.


Horror anthologies are common in Hollywood, but not very common in Korea. It seems to have changed with the publication of the anthology of horror short stories, Ghost Stories. Each episode is a standalone ghost story set in a city location, each story less than 10 minutes long.
Ghost Stories differ not only in that they are a collection of Korean horror stories but also in their length. Most anthology programs have episode lengths of at least 30 minutes, so it’s pretty surprising to see a very powerful horror story in such a short amount of time. Most of the episodes are modern reconstructions of Korean folktales.

Nightmare High

Nightmare School is a whimsical journey where the nightmare of Elm Street and the anime drama intersect. “School of Nightmares” follows a group of teenagers who begin to witness bizarre events in their lives as a mysterious new instructor begins teaching at the school. Soon, many students’ dreams begin to come true. Nightmare School only lasted one season and is considered a mini-series. Although a short program, it contains enough captivating mystery and breathtaking scenery to justify binge eating. The program is also famous for starring a prominent South Korean rapper, Lee Minhyuk.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

The psychological horror film The Matchmaker: Sixth Finger reaches deep into cult realms. The film also features Buddhism and esotericism, which are rarely explored in films of this nature. Svaha sometimes follows a minister who exposes religious groups that do more harm than good. While working, preachers discover a thriving cult known as Deer Mountain. Soon after, murders begin, and the minister fears that the Deer Mountain sect is involved. At the time of its premiere in 2019, the film was immensely successful with Korean audiences, garnering a total of 1.18 million views in 5 days.


With its two-season brutal zombie series and its first bonus episode due out on Netflix later this year, Kingdom is a zombie series that should focus on on-screen carnage. Set in Joseon-era Korea, the kingdom deals with a political conspiracy amid a zombie apocalypse. The
program is rather unsettling and contains a lot of blood, but it’s also delightfully theatrical and should be of interest to anyone who likes soap operas. The show is a mix of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, which is downright violent.

The Guest

Combining demon possession and murder investigation, The Guest feels like a Korean reinterpretation of Twin Peaks, with a few quirky elements added appropriately. Psychic Peace is desperately trying to stop the evil demon called Hand or Guest in the series.
Sleep controls the weak and forces them to kill their loved ones before they take their own eyes. Peace is a soul skeptical priest and detective join hands. Exorcism and shamanism are the main themes of the drama. When the show first aired in South Korea, it garnered a 4% viewing rate from the entire population.

Bring it on Ghost (2016)/ Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight

Ghost is a Korean horror drama that also has a love story. Bong-pal Park, who detects ghosts, solves a ghost case with his two friends. One day while investigating the case, he meets a ghost girl and starts living together. The two fall in love with each other. After the viewer finds out that her girl is not dead but is in her coma, gets out of her coma and forgets her real mate, then they find out who was trying to kill her and leave her in her dying state. . While with BongPal, they solve several ghost cases. in this case.


Black’s psychological horror-thriller tells the story of a grim reaper who owns a detective. While searching for a missing colleague, he uncovered several mysteries, including the horrific murder of 20 years ago. He failed the lead role because investigating this murder is something he shouldn’t do as a grim reaper. Because he fell in love with a human, he couldn’t take many ghosts into the afterlife. Now, this is a serious violation because he has broken all heavenly rules. Even though he has violated all heavenly rules, he will continue to be engaged with human lives.

Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective

The protagonist of this mysterious horror drama is Yoon Cheo-young. He was able to converse with spirits from a very young age. He was considered the best cop in the criminal department, but seven years ago he was involved in the horrific loss of his family. As a result, he was so sad that he quit his job. Then he started working as a regional prosecutor. He`s not interested in anything to do with others since he`s lonely. One day, while working, he came upon the spirit of a young high school girl. From then on, he becomes involved in her case. Cheo and his aide soon began working on many riddles involving the girl’s spirit.

Sell Your Haunted House

The plot of ‘Sell a Haunted House’ revolves around exorcists and scammers Jia and Inbeom. Jia is famous for the powerful superpowers she inherited from her mother. She also owns jackpot properties that specialize in ghost real estate. Also, Jia is a friendly woman, but she has a temperamental temperament. Her impatient behavior causes her to become aggressive before solving the difficulties of her patience. Jia eventually fell for the scammer Album. He deceives people by performing a virtual exorcism. One day, he approaches Ji Ah with her offer to work with her. He offers to help her sell her real estate. are they on good terms?

When The Devil Calls Your Name

When the devil calls your name, Harifa’s experience with the devil is told. He became known as one of the most popular composers in the industry. But how did he achieve this much fame? He made the most significant sacrifices of his life, in addition to his hard labor. Harp was a dedicated artist, but everything went wrong. But just when Ha Rip was ready to give up, he met the devil, who promised him everything he ever desired, but at a steep price. Ha Rip decided to give in and sacrifice his soul to the Devil since he was so happy and desperate about his achievement. However, the Devil has returned after a ten-year absence.

Mirror Of The Witch

Mirror of the Witch discusses numerous aspects such as curses and dark magic. This play depicts a Queen`s longing for children. She discovers she is infertile one day. As a result, she chooses to employ black magic to produce a child. She snatches fetuses from a shaman’s body to get pregnant. Her efforts were effective and at the same time, two healthy babies were born. nevertheless, for the mistakes, she has she will have to pay. Despite her talent for children, their lifespan is short. Now she must stop this curse. Over time, she continues to spread this curse from many princes and princesses.

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