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Dancing is one of the most important aspects of the kpop industry. Yes, singing and vocal skills are just as crucial but what makes kpop different from American pop is the amazing set of dancing skills that the idols have. Being able to dance perfectly while singing/rapping requires years and years of training and practice which the kpop idols go through. Also, we cannot ignore the powerful chores that these idols have to perform which adds more flavor to the song. But today we’ll only focus on the dancing, let’s look at some of the best dancers in kpop according to well-known choreographers.



A prominent choreographer, Lia Kim is behind many unforgettable song dancing routines including “TT” Twice, “Very Very Very” IOIs, and SUNMI’s “Gashina” is one of the most iconic dances in all. Once again in October 2018, she performed on MBC Idol Radio and was able to talk about her life as a K-pop choreographer. She also said who believes she’s the greatest dancer among K-pop idols.

The well-known choreographer has cited TWICE’s Momo when questioned about the idol, coupled with the words of “a dancer who is dented from above by gods,” she thinks is the finest dancer. Lia Kim also pointed out how nobody can express what Momo is like when she can begin to dance immediately after looking at a routine and develop a choreography with minimal explanation. The choreographer is particularly surprised by how she takes to the next level her own charm and tweets.


Lisa Blackpink

Many other skilled dancers and choreographers believe that Lisa’s ability and aptitude are unique. Choi Youngjun, another prominent Korean choreographer who choreographed iconic K-Pop songs including “Don’t Wanna Cry” from the 17th century, “Energetic” from Wanna One, and many more. In the Produce 101 series, he also featured as a mentor and has taught Idol groups ever since.

BLACKPINK is recognized in a YouTube interview with Lisa, EXO’s Kai as his finest personal dancer among all of his pupils. There was also a time when he practiced a secret dance with the member of BLACKPINK, who found it cool that both worked very well together.


exo kai

Besides Choi Yeongyun, EXO, and the choreographer of other SM artists like Kasper have stated that he discovered the finest EXO dancer. Kai is the finest dancer, according to the man behind “Love Shot’s” choreography. He claimed Kai was also a multifaceted dancer.

Kasper is also widely known to choreograph “Ko Ko Bop,” “Call Me Baby,” “What You Need” Lay’s, and “Candy” Baekhyun.

BTS J-hope

J-Hope biography

BTS has also gotten more solid in its cooperation with choreographer Son Sungdeuk, who has been with them from early on. He was always very grateful for J-Hope, the group’s principal dancer, and said that he is somebody he can truly depend on.

Although there are distinct charms in Jimin, Jungcook, and J-Hope Son expressed J-hope, “The style of Hobi feels strongly hip-hop. He used to hip hop on the street, so when he was a trainee he was in a lot of trouble. He’s good at the wave and the technical wave.” However, when it comes to practice, he has an excellent sense of responsibility. During practice, he guides the members a lot.


Speaker of Hyolyn Powerhouse, HyoLyn also collaborated on her solo single “Dally” alongside renowned choreographer Aliyah Janell. The flirtatious and sweet dance certainly attracted the eye of countless K-Pop enthusiasts with a lot of covers online.

In this Hyolyn video, many non-fans have also found that she’s such a wonderful dancer and had so many impressions. Dancers commended this dance video on the fact that they killed dancing movements with good heads.

BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin

Last but not least, the famous urban choreographer Brian Puspos was in love with BTS’ performances of Jimin and Jungkook, which subsequently became choreographer for BTS for a long time.

The fluency of the BTS Jimin seems to have both Brian Puspos and Jimin fans each other since Brian’s choreographing Solo Song “Serendipity” and BTS “Butterfly” was disclosed how delighted he was to have choreographed the song, Jimin Solo.

TVXQ Yunho

As for the “Queen of K-pop” BoA, the finest dance dancer in Asia, and not just a dance professional, she picked Yunho, the world’s biggest dancer in the k-pop business, especially in Japan. In the Korean leg of the 2010 Michael Jackson famous “This Is It” concert, in particular, Yunho was picked.

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