Best Korean Serial Killer Movies To Watch In 2022

korean serial killer movies

When it comes to tension, nothing beats a Korean thriller. They are full of mystery, suspense, and a few twists that you will see to the end. Thrillers are divided into several categories or components. Some of them are psychological thriller, investigation, suspense, mystery, twist, and more. One of them is the involvement of a serial killer. This thriller is the best of the best. Here are some recommended movies to watch.

The Call

The latest Korean movie acquired by Netflix is ​​’The call’. Starring the female lead, Park Shin-Hye, and aspiring actress Jeon Jeong-Seo, the drama tells the story of two women who transcend time through a strange landline phone. When a woman of the past causes a bloody riot, the woman of the present must intervene before it’s too late. Although it doesn’t aim to push the boundaries of filmmaking or convey philosophical ideas, these paintings are great entertainment that isn’t clichéd despite the widespread murder mystery that has passed over time.

‘The call’ begins with a young woman Kim So-Yeon (Park Shin-Hye) being kicked out of an elegant country mansion in a terrifying gothic style. After Seo-Yeon takes her comfortable position, she hears a cumbersome landline phone ringing. While answering her call, she hears the pleading cry of Oh Yeon-Seok (Jung Jeong-so), another young girl who claims that her shaman and her mother are trying to kill her. So-yeon quickly finds out that she lived in that house 20 years ago, and the two women are temporally connected over a landline phone.

Despite being a shaman stepmother, Young Viol Seok, Soyeon, and Yongsuk became friends. When Seo-Yeon’s warning instructs Yong-sook to kill her mother and commit her murder, Seo-Yeon worries that she could open Pandora’s box through which she time-travels, with her bloody personal consequences. The Call may not have the same philosophical background as other Korean thrillers like I Saw Devil, but that was most likely not the intention of the movie. If you think of it as a blockbuster, it’s solid work. Eerie images, engaging storytelling, and immersive acting will satisfy anyone looking for a murder mystery.

The Chase

It is unfortunate that ‘Chase’ did not live up to the initial expectations. A classic thriller that illuminates the clichés of a familiar genre thanks to its unique characters. However, as the film approaches the end, it fails to recognize its own strengths properly and is merely a formal exercise by the director. There were a lot of scopes, but in the end, the narrative itself doesn’t know where everything is going to go at any given point, and it’s also reflected in the film’s inconsistent tones that go back and forth between brutal drama and delightful. Feeling. The drama is a detective story with a twist: the main character is an elder named Jungho (Kim Yoonseok), who is now a pimp and not a good guy.

He is furious because he believes a client of his call girl business has kidnapped and sold his girls. When another woman goes missing, a phone number triggers an alert. Then he looked for a client, who didn’t provide an address but scheduled a meeting on the street. The client, Je Yeongmin (Ha Jungwoo), is an evil killer, as far as we know. The young girl, Kim Mijin (Seo Younghee), is transported in her car to an unknown destination, where she should not return alive.

Korean films are known to display details of the brutality before hesitation; The rights on this image are purchased by Warner Bros. And that is cautious when thinking that the brutality and beautiful conclusions will be toned significantly. Just allow me to indicate that Min Youngpreferred’s tools are a hammer and a knife, for the reason a police psychiatrist can go into details. The structure of the film is undeniable in maintaining stress.

We have a reason to believe that prostitutes are always alive but die. The prostitute and the murderer were caught. A brutal attack on the mayor of Seoul becomes a media phenomenon, putting pressure on the police to track down someone to improve the situation. The attacker, a quiet psychopath, initially claimed 9 dead, then 12, but then changed his account and claimed he didn’t seem to know exactly what he was doing. did with the remains. He was released for lack of evidence.


Park Hoonjung, director of New World, combined elements from two of Korea’s most diverse genres: the grim chill of the hunt for serial killers and, in fact, the craze. the adrenaline of North Korean intervention. Therefore, the V.I.P. is a tagline secured through a confusing mix of local and international inspiration, not even leaning toward sarcastic remarks about all-male characters.

Pretty Boy on TV Lee Jongsuk, a former North Korean spy suspected in a series of brutal executions, puts on his brightest smile, but he’s protected by his father’s high reputation.

Detective Kim Myungcrustymin tries to catch him, gun agent Jang DongNIS resonates his way, and North Korean officer Park Heesalty soon turns rogue and marches south of the border. Misers from other agencies are also spinning. Park sticks to tried-and-true methods when it comes to mixing genres, but the result is three sad boys with slightly different careers that end up all going against their boss. themselves for their morality.

A harsher brushstroke is used to portray the killer’s brutality but at the terrible cost of women, who exist only to be scorned in V.I.P.Those annoyances aside, the picture is a good but unappealing thriller with a smooth action distraction. It’s called V.I.P., but that’s the lowest local offering of the season.

Memoir of a Murderer

Memoir of a Murderer topped the Korean blockbuster and became the first Korean drama to sell over two million tickets in 2017. As a clear commercial success, I included this drama on the list. his “need to see”, eager to know what it was. is about images that attract a lot of people.

Byeong Soo has involved in an accident seventeen years ago that resulted in amnesia due to a traumatic brain injury, which gradually caused him to lose his memory. To recall his past crimes as a space-time killer, he keeps an extensive record of his life – and his past crimes as a serial killer. an alert serial killer – in a desperate attempt to remember the events that gradually disappeared from him. However, when a local murder recurs and Byeong Soo is sure he knows who is responsible, he must fight for his survival to stop the killer as soon as his child is born. mine is Eun Hee has the next target.

I Saw the Devil

In “I saw the devil”, the heads fall, but not very far. The first belongs to a charming young lady (Oh Sanha), who emerges from a CCTV box and stops at the feet of his confused fiancée, Soohyun (Lee Byung-hun). The second head wasn’t quite as pretty but was much more eagerly awaited when it fell off his chest.
This new story by unconventional Korean creator Kim Jeewoon is a melodious violent revenge fantasy story in which leaky blood vessels defeat tight logic. But who can blame Soohyun for acting while the one he loves is in turmoil and his class-crazed killer, Kyungchul (Choi Min-Sik), continues to frighten female victims? Revenge is for movies,” Soowouldbe Hyun’s sister-in-law said, frowning at her miserable, unseen face.

But Soohyun, a very special government agent, doesn’t have that, and he plunges into a cycle of arrest, torture, and release, aided by a monitoring device that buzzes in his stomach. by Kyungcastiron chul. With each terrible confrontation, both people will be hurt more, but one will be stronger. And he’s not a killer…Despite a large amount of interwoven fun (and obvious disdain for women), “I Saw the Devil” is a Nietzschean witty tale fully aware of its absurdities.

Mr. Kim and his cinematographer, Lee Mogae, retain full control over the film’s tonal changes and dramatic settings, from the astonishingly moving opening act to the harrowingly humorous journey with colleague Kyungcannibal Chul.

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