Best Military K-Dramas To Watch in 2022

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We all know that no one does military movies better than south Korean directors, it is all packed with thriller romance action horror and everything you could imagine of. Let’s look at the list of top Korean military dramas out there:

Descendants of the sun

Descendants of the Sun

“Descendants of the Sun” is a must-watch for all drama fans and can be enjoyed by both men and women as it is not limited to describing “girl movies” unlike many other dramas. Romance for girls, military shootouts, action scenes, international politics, and crime plots for boys, there’s plenty of delicious stuff for both men and women to enjoy, and both men and women love the humor in their shows. Descendants Of The Sun additionally had a full-size quantity of its story shot on area in Greece (those have been my favored components due to the fact I`m of Greek foundation and were there twice), which provides a sense of exoticism now no longer found in maximum different K-dramas nowadays.

Traveling to unique regions to shoot a part of a story constantly provides intrigue to a K-drama considering Koreans are an insular culture, so whilst their tv dramas are set in locales everywhere in the world, it makes individuals extra keen to test out the storylines. The show is a groundbreaking drama about the lives of a female doctor and a military officer. They find real love in each other while being separated by their career. Their hearts bind them together, but their brains separate them. Doubts and anxieties of the heroine cloud their relationship and finally bring it to an end. They remeet in a wartorn region of mythical Uruk, to fall for each other again. Meanwhile, conspiracy and terrorism join forces to bring about the worst evil.


dp season 2

Set in 2021, the Netflix Korean drama D.P. tells the story of a conscript who is tasked with saving deserters. The six-episode drama lit up the reality of Korean men serving in the military and recorded high ratings on streaming sites. In addition to mental and physical training, soldiers are often abused by their superiors, leading to desertion.

While D.P. It’s a short drama with lighter and more entertaining parts, mostly full of emotional turmoil, great danger, and heartbreak.DP’s plot is based on South Korea’s compulsory conscription for men between the ages of 18 and 28. All registered men must be enrolled in the military, but there are cases where they desert after being conscripted. Deserting from the military is a humiliation for soldiers and their families in South Korea and is also illegal. The plot revolves around a new enlisted soldier who joins the D.P. (Chase of deserters) returns to civilian life to delay the bandit unit. The drama does a great job of emphasizing the inconvenience of military service. Soldiers who are perceived to be weak or inferior face terrible bullying. Soldiers also receive severe physical and mental harassment from their bosses. This is often quoted as a motivation for escape. CNN reported in 2014 that soldiers were suffocated after being forced to feed frozen foods and fed with bile by a senior commander. DP brings credibility to an area of ​​Korean society that has never been seen in a television series.

Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More  Update! - Best Toppers

If you’re new to drama and don’t know where to start, a crash landing in love can be the starting point. A very popular series hits every note. Comedy and Romance? check. But what about drama, excitement, and mystery? check. Interesting characters and captivating storyline? Check and check again.

Of course, it takes more than 17 hours to complete the series, but there is no better moment than now to make that promise. Beyond the slightly ludicrous concept, Crash Landing on You is sure to captivate you. The series’ main themes include love, family, friendship, redemption, and insurmountable obstacles, but without a sermon, it shows that people can be good or evil regardless of where the borders come from. How different. Customs, traditions, and deep bonds can be formed. Swiss majestic landscapes and addictive theme songs, as well as a selection of the fashion. The only criticism I have about Crash Landing on You is that while fate plays a big role in most drama (meaning that the main cast has had multiple meetings in the past), 1 The encounter should have been enough. Another problem is that funny Sunjung suddenly gets a past that justifies his actions, and Captain Li’s mother is the only character who is not yet fully developed. (On the other hand, his dad is great.)These are small flaws but in a program that makes you laugh and cry (very impressed with how Seri pays homage to the women in the village) and cheers for the character ( Apart from that, of course, from the bad guys). In short, it’s the ideal comfort watch for these bizarre times.

Mr. sunshine

Mr. Sunshine

Sunshine is one of the best historical dramas I’ve seen. A better product than setting the bar too high! It has a very mysterious story, fantastic writing, amazing acting skills, outstanding production, a breathtaking twist, and a powerful and meaningful message-it’s a definitive historical drama. is! This play is a master class of tragic drama that absorbs painful suspense, breakneck thrills, and internal organs. Be prepared for unexpected situations! It’s perfectly designed and has amazing endings and explosive twists and turns-a great job! Not only is it interesting at a higher level, but it also serves as a keen social commentary on the issue of social injustice-deep, insightful and meaningful!

In a nutshell, the thrilling experience of this show is “first-class beauty.” The company has never been seen before.  They brought new components to the period genre that made it more appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Everything about it is new and exciting, resulting in a fantastic evening of entertainment! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Mr. Sunshine’s greatest asset is its groundbreaking cast of quality and flawless actors! This show is one of the few Korean dramas with a flawless cast. The primary characters did an excellent job, and the supporting actors also delivered grounded and realistic depictions. The show became even more riveting and enthralling because it included fascinating characters. The five actors who gave us one-of-a-kind entertainment were all fantastic in their parts. I would like to honor them all, but my choice is to honor these five actors in particular.


This is one of the reasons why comrades are so unique. Seems to understand what you are saying. It does not use this dreaded history and background to promote political or financial objectives. Rather, it approaches it with great empathy, respect, and understanding. The program recognizes that it can pollute this expression at any time, and as a result, approaches with delicacy and affection. B. Wars are those who are fighting by the trenches, those who have their arms crossed, those you know and love, and will make great efforts to save them.

Comrades do not cry out for his tragedies and do not force haughty principles down their throats. Instead, he subtly lures you into his universe, the souls of his people, and invites you to experience the emotional consequences of every little conflict. Comrades by no means pretended to be accurate (and, given the restrained finances and brief production, even some stupid errors might be forgiven), nor did it try and compete with American – or, hell, even Mainland Chinese – battle dramas on television; instead, it distilled a complicated war right into an idea that also resonates extra than some other political rationalization or gratuitous spectacle: the battle is ready people. People you frolicked with, even though they weren`t from the very own facet of the family. People with whom you each survived and died. That`s essentially all that matters. So, the following time you notice a protracted line of infantrymen marching in the direction of the horizon, don`t anticipate it`s truly a number of from history. They have been cousins. That`s what this display reminded us of once more.

The two main characters of North Korea, Lee Su-kyung and Cheon Young-taek, are beautifully drawn. Lee Soo-kyung is the former woman of Lee Hyun-joong. The history of their acquaintance is rare, but all we need to know is that they are enemies. It doesn’t matter that they love each other. They will do what is necessary when confronting each other in war. Cheon Yong-taek, like Lee Hyun-joong, is a loyal and loyal man who protects the soldiers.

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