Big Bang G-Dragon Biography (Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts)

Big Bang G-Dragon

G-Dragon is a South Korean recording artist, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor. G-Dragon is a Big Bang member one of the K-pop boy band under YG Entertainment along with six other members. Today, we are taking a look at his life and take lessons from it. So, let us get started!

Early Life

G-Dragon was born in Busan, South Korea on 18th August 1988. G-Dragon had a pretty normal early life until he moved to Seoul with his mother and older sister when he was nine years old.

It was then that the boy began pursuing music as an escape from the pressures of school work and studying for college entrance exams. His father owned a record shop which served as G-Dragon’s gateway into exploring different types of music from hip hop to R&B.

He spent most of his time listening to American rap groups like Naughty by Nature or Wu Tang Clan on cassette tapes, reading magazines about Hip Hop fashion trends and dreaming up ideas for songs in front of his TV set at home while watching MTV Asia under the sheets so nobody would see him.

While he had an average childhood, it is said that the death of his grandfather when he was just four years old became one of the driving forces behind his desire to succeed.

He attended elementary school in Guro-gu and went on to attend middle school at Jaeil Public Middle School, but dropped out before graduation due to the pressure of his work schedule and began studying privately outside of regular schooling hours with a tutor from Daesung Academy. He also trained as part-time dancer for Seo Taiji & Boys when he was 12 years old which would later become crucial experience towards becoming an artist himself.

It is said that it wasn’t until Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon’s real name) reached 18 years old that he realized how much time had been missed in education because of all the training he did up till then. He obtained a high score on his national college entrance exams so he was able to attend the prestigious Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) in 2002.


Big Bang G-Dragon

G-Dragon’s first solo album was G.I.D (Innovative International Digital) and he released this in 2008. He also has three collaborations with his group mates, Big Bang, including song called “Lies”. His success continued when he won the Mnet Asian Music Awards’ Best Male Solo Artist Award for two consecutive years from 2009 to 2010.

Recently in December 2011, G-Dragon collaborated with members of the French electro house music duo Uffie on a track entitled “Sexy Chick”. The single is part of their upcoming remix EP which will be released exclusively through iTunes worldwide on March 27th 2012.

Later that year G-Dragon was chosen as one of four new models for the Lacoste clothing company, alongside actress and singer Taylor Swift.

The G-Dragon’s song “Crayon” was released on November 29th 2011 as a single which features American rapper Jay-Z. His collaboration with JYJ member Junsu is another charity single entitled Break Out! The Campaign For Peace that will be used in promoting peace around the world. He also joined his group mate Taeyang to perform their comeback stage at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012.

On December 12 2013, Big Bang reunited once again to release two new singles: ‘Blue’, produced by Teddy of big beat records; and ‘Haru Haru (Day By Day)’ co-produced by G-Dragon and T.O.P.

In 2014 he starred in a three-part film series, Hallyuwood. He also collaborated with Missy Elliot on the song “Niliria” and made his debut as an actor in South Korea’s drama Misaeng.

During 2015 G-Dragon released two solo albums: Coup d’Etat (which featured collaborations with Diplo, Baauer of Major Lazer) and Rise As God, which has been compared to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. His album ‘Rise As One’ was released on November 28th 2016 after being postponed for nine months due to personal issues.

On September 15th 2018 G-Dragon announced that he is set to release his new album in the United States on Friday, October 12, 2018.


G-Dragon is married to actress and singer Sandara Park. They have been together since 2009, when they met in G-Dragon’s music video for “Heartbreaker”.

Their relationship has managed to stay strong despite the long distance between them – she lives in South Korea while G-dragon resides in Seoul. The two became engaged on December 27th of 2017 at a public event where he proposed onstage with both hands holding iced coffee cups that spelled out “Will You Marry Me?”

Troubles in Life

In January 2016, it was revealed during an episode of SBS’ “Running Man” that G-Dragon had gotten into a fight outside the nightclub Club Octagon earlier that night after refusing drinks from some female patrons who wanted to toast with him.

An incident even worse than this took place in 2012. G-Dragon was sued by a netizen for 20 million won (approximately $17,000) for “insulting” her on SNS. The lawsuit is only the latest in a series of legal problems that have befallen celebrities as they adopt social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate directly with fans around the world.

The woman claimed she had been hurt when G-dragon wrote “Shut up Stupid” after she criticized his song lyrics from an earlier album. She said he should not use foul language anymore or face prosecution under South Korea’s law against insulting people online.

Net Worth

G-Dragon is worth $56 million, as of 2021. G-Dragon’s wealth comes from his high album sales and concert tours. In the late 2000s, he signed with South Korean giant entertainment company YG Entertainment under which he released six albums.

His latest release Act III: MIROTIC in 2017 has sold over a million copies worldwide to date including 500000 units in Korea alone.

It also charted at number one on Billboard’s World Album Chart and recently became certified gold by RIAA for selling 1000000 physical equivalent units in America since its release last November 26th.


G-Dragon is one of the most well known Rappers in Korea. He was the winner of the World Championship for Rap and Hip Hop in 2004.

In addition, he also won the Best Male Solo Artist at Asia Model Festival Awards 2009. He has broken records with 30 Million Views on Youtube Video “ONE OF A KIND”within 24 hours after release. In addition, his album sales speak for themselves. All of this has made him a K-Pop Legend.

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