Big Bang Members Profile (Facts, Age, Height)


The Big Bang members are a popular K-Pop group in South Korea. The four members have been together since 2006, and they’ve had their ups and downs during the decade they’ve been active as a boy band.

We’ll take a look at each member of the band, including their birth name, stage name, date of birth ,facts as well as height and weight.

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Big Bang G-Dragon

Stage Name: G-Dragon

Birth Name: Kwon Ji Yong

Birthday: August 18, 1988

Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 177 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn

Facebook: gdragon

Born Kwon Ji Yong on August 18th 1988, this rapper and songwriter is the lead singer of Big Bang! He’s also a solo artist that has been active since 2008.

As one of the most popular artists in Korea he released his first album called Heartbreaker (2009) which had won numerous awards including the prestigious Golden Disk Award. Other albums that followed were called One of a Kind (2012) and Coup D’Etat: Kwon Ji Yong (2013).

G-Dragon has also been active in the fashion industry as well, having collaborated with brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Giuseppe Zanotti.

He is also well known for being the leader of BigBang and his powerful performances live on stage!

G-Dragon has in the past been criticized for coming out too much with his personality.

He has participated in many activities and TV shows such as “G-Dragon’s Fade to Black” (2009), MTV’s “All Things Go” (2010) and is currently hosting MBC FM Radio show, KISS THE RADIO.

He has garnered attention over the years for his fashion choices, which were heavily influenced by hip hop culture. His musical style can be described as urban contemporary but he also experimented with other genres like electronic music or R&B to broaden his fanbase.

G-Dragon ’s stage name comes from his school record when he was in kindergarten. His student number at that time was 10959 and the word “gidaroui” (기다로이) which means “waiting” or “patience”. His stage name is a combination of his school number and the word for “patience”.

He has an older sister, G-Dragon ’s mother died in 2007 as a result of breast cancer. He was raised by his father who worked as businessman until he transferred to be president at YG Entertainment before Big Bang debuted. His father died in 2003 of a sudden heart attack.

G-Dragon ’s skills are dancing, singing and making music. He is one of the best dancers within the group and he has gained recognition for his stage performances with Big Bang as well as outside performances . In 2009, G-dragon signed on to endorse several products including Nike , Adidas and Louis Vuitton.

In 2009, he was the first Korean artist to appear on MTV’s Hottest MC in the World list at number six. He is currently a producer for Big Bang , but also produces music with many other artists including CL who are both signed under YG Entertainment .

Big Bang G-Dragon Biography (Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts)


top big bang

Stage Name: T.O.P

Birth Name: Choi Seung-hyun

Birthday: November 4, 1987

Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 181 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Instagram: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

T.O.P is a rapper, singer and actor from South Korea. He is also the main dancer for his band BIGBANG. He has over 10 years of experience as an entertainer and he started his career at the age of 15 when he was discovered by a record producer while performing in the streets with friends.

He attended school up until middle school but decided to drop out because of his busy schedule. He said in a recent interview that it was difficult for him not being able to see the other members as often as he wanted and this made school hard for him.

He is an introvert when compared to the others, spending time by himself reading or listening to music instead of socializing with the other members.

T.O.P was born in Seoul on December 30th, 1987 and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. His blood type is O- although it has been reported that he may have Type B instead because of an inconsistency with some reports stating AB- and some stating B+.

He is the oldest member of Big Bang and his family has been in the entertainment industry for generations. His father was a singer, composer, producer and actor while his mother was an actress who dubbed foreign films into Korean. He also had two older sisters that were actresses as well

T.O.P likes to ride his motorcycle as a hobby. He has even made it into an actual profession, appearing in many TV commercials for different products and companies including Suzuki motorcycles.

He played both tennis and soccer before Big Bang was formed.

Prior to the debut of Big Bang, he was a part of Jinusean and helped produce their album in 2001.

T.O.P has starred in a number of dramas such as “Iris” and the drama based on his solo album, “21”.

He is fluent in Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese which he learned while training to be an idol with YG Entertainment.

T.O.P is often called one of the best rappers on K-pop because his lyrics are usually witty or sarcastic with strong wordplay as well as meaning behind them.

He has also been the leader of Big Bang for the past ten years because he’s kind and always takes care of his members.

T.O.P is also known to be one of the most popular idols in Korea, especially with female fans.

T.O.P is also known to be the most popular member of Big Bang with his name being mentioned more than any other members’ names on Korean search engines like Naver or Daum.

T.O.P has a talent for making people laugh and can be very spontaneous in his mannerisms, but he is also known to be quite shy when meeting new people or going on live television shows without any preparation time beforehand.

He insists that Big Bang is a team effort and doesn’t like when others say that he’s the one who makes everything work.

T.O.P has been in three solo albums with his first album being released on July 27, 2006 called Heartbreaker (2006)

He also had two other albums – Trap (2009) and Hands Up (2010).

He was born in Seoul on December 30th 1987 and has an astrological sign as a Capricorn which means he is a hard working, patient and determined person.

T.O.P received his nickname from the American rapper Busta Rhymes who saw him in 2005 on TV while visiting Korea to film a music video for his song Touch It (2006) .

Busta was so impressed with T.O.P that he asked him to serve as the Korean rapper in his video and that’s how T.O.P was name-dropped with the nickname TOP

T.O.P is made up of so many talents – he plays guitar, drums, violin and piano, sings well too.


bigbang Taeyang

Stage Name: Taeyang

Birth Name: Dong Yong Bae

Birthday: May 18, 1988

Birth Place: Ujeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Height: 174 cm (5’9″)

Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)

Instagram: @__youngbae__

Taeyang was born on May 18, 1988. He is a member of the Korean boy band Big Bang and has released seven solo albums to date. He debuted as part of the group in 2006 with their first album, “BigBang Vol.01.” His stage name means “sparkling star” or “bright star.”

Taeyang is a singer, songwriter and actor who was born on May 18, 1988. He is most recognized for his solo performances as well as being the lead vocalist of Big Bang, one of the most famous kpop groups in Korea.

Taeyang has released four studio albums to date: “Hot,” “Rise,” “WOLF” and his latest release called “White Night” which he collaborated on with other artists such as Zion T., DEAN & Roy Kim.

He is the oldest member of Big Bang and has been with them for their entire career, since 2006. He was born in Seoul but his family moved to Busan when he was three years old. Growing up, Taeyang wanted to become a singer after being inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “Beat It.”

Taeyang is a singer, songwriter, producer and dancer. He wrote the lyrics to his solo singles such as “Wedding Dress,” “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and “I Need A Girl.” His most recent album was titled RISE which came out in 2017.

Taeyang is known for his dance skills and has choreographed many of the group’s performances such as “Loser,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bae Bae” and more. He auditioned for YG Entertainment in 2005 but was rejected because he wasn’t a good dancer back then. Taeyang was later casted when he met Lee Soo-man at an audition.

Taeyang’s favorite hobbies include playing basketball and cooking for his family members. He also loves to take pictures, especially of people who are sleeping because they look so peaceful. His motto is “dreams come true.”

His first kiss happened while filming his music video for “My Girl” soon followed by much success which lead him into being dubbed one of the most bankable stars not just in Asia but around the world!

Taeyang is the lead rapper of BIG BANG. He’s also a producer, singer and songwriter. Taeyangs been in charge of producing songs for his group as well as other artists such as Zion T., DEAN & Roy Kim. Some tracks on which he has participated can be found below: “The Way You Make Me Melt” by Sori, “Stay With You Tonight”by The Black Skirts and “What’s Golden?” by Roy Kim.

BIGBANG’s TaeYang is a devout catholic who has several tattoos that are inspired by his faith. He began dating actress Jung Eun-ran in 2013 and enjoys eating Yakiniku (grilled meat dishes). His favorite food, to date, is the Korean dish called Sundubu Jjigae or Soft tofu stew made with vegetables such as napa cabbage or kimchi along with gochujang sauce which sometimes includes diced pork belly.

TaeYang’s favorite song is “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones and he hates the color yellow because it reminds him of his school uniform. He also enjoys cooking, listening to music, playing video games such as Starcraft II.

Big Bang Taeyang Biography (Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts)


Daesung big bang

Stage Name: Daesung

Birth Name: Kang Daesung

Birthday: April 26, 1989

Birth Place: Incheon, South Korea

Height: 178 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Me2day: @bbdaesung

Daesung is a member of Big Bang was born with the name Daesung on September 18th 1987 in South Korea. He is known for his sweet and smooth voice which he uses to sing ballads or slow R&B songs as a lead vocalist. He was the first member to debut in 2006. His first album titled “The First Daesung” contained a total of five songs, with his single being called “Big Bang is VIP”.

He is also one of the members of Big Bang that has appeared on K-pop Star Season One.

Daesung is also a part of the subgroup GD&TOP, which was formed in 2010 with T.O.P from BIGBANG and Daesung as its main vocals (along with rapper Taeyang). The group’s first single titled “High High” was released in 2011.

He is known for his sweet and smooth voice, which he uses to sing ballads or slow R&B songs as lead vocalist; first member of Big Bang to debut at the age of 18 in 2006. He was the only member to be present on all three MADE albums, as well as being one of the members who appeared on K-pop Star season One.

Daesung is also a part of GD⊤ sub group which he formed with Taeyang from BIGBANG and T.O.P from BIGBANG in 2010.

GD&TOP’s first single was released 2011 titled “High High”. He is known for his sweet and smooth voice, which he usually uses to sing ballads or slow R&B songs as lead vocalist; the only member of Big Bang who has debuted at 18 years old in 2006. Daesung is also a part of GD⊤ sub group which he formed with Taeyang from BIGBANG and T.O.P from BIGBANG in 2010.

GD&TOP’s first single was released 2011 titled “High High”.

Daesung is a bit of an unpredictable bad boy and he tends to be the joker in Big Bang. He can play drums, has some other talents like swimming AND cooking but his favorite food is sushi which might not seem so strange since it’s one of Japan’s most popular dishes! Daesung was also on “Family Outing” as main cast member before becoming part-time for reasons unknown (we’ll just have to wait for that juicy gossip!)

Daesung is a talented singer and actor who has been in many musicals such as Cats, which he played The Rum Tum Tugger. He was also on Japanese TV for the show “D-Lite’s Secret Time.” Daesung enlisted into military service back in March of 2018; he discharged from duty this past November 10th with an honorable discharge.

Seungri (Former Member)

Seungri big bang

Stage Name: Seungri

Birth Name: Lee Seung Hyun

Birthday: December 12, 1990

Birth Place: Gwangju, South Korea

Height: 177 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Instagram: @seungriseyo

Seungri is one of the youngest members, born in 1992. He is a rapper and singer who has been performing since 2005.

Seungri also acted as an actor on MBC’s “We Got Married” from 2009 to 2010 with actress Shin Ae-ra. In 2011, he made his debut as a solo artist with his first EP titled Let’s Talk About Love.

In 2014, he made his solo debut as a singer with the release of his first studio album titled Let’s Talk About Love and its lead single “Gotta Talk to You” featuring Mottee Tomotoni.

He released two songs for Beijing’s Singles Day in November 2016: “Sweetie,” a song from Sweetune, and “Noona,” a solo track by Seungri.

He is also known for being a rapper and singer who performed in 2005. In 2009, he acted as an student in the music drama “You’re Beautiful” alongside bandmate T.O.P and actress Park Shin-hye.

Born in Gwangju, South Korea and raised from a young age to be an international star, Seungri has been under the spotlight since he was just 10 years old. A recent graduate of Chung-Ang University with Girls’ Generation Yuri and Sooyoung (he dropped out due to BigBang’s busy schedule), his blunt attitude is matched by his overconfidence — yet it seems that some people do not see him as being sincere or humble because they think these qualities are too feminine for someone like himself who likes collecting panda stuff.

Seungri has acted on multiple occasions including “Why Did You Come To My House?” (2010), 19 (2015) as well as his newest movie Angel’s Eyes which just came out last year [2014].

He also runs his own ramen store and also a dance school named under on his name “Seungri’s Academy”

It was late March 2019 that Seungri announced his retirement from Entertainment industry after being accused with a sexual assault last November 2018.

“It’s my responsibility as an artist who is trying to be seen differently now to retire earlier than expected,” said on Tuesday night (March 12th) at YG’s building where he attended friends’ farewell party before his departure.”

On Wednesday morning (March 13), it became official when Yang Hyun Suk terminated Seungrin’s contract upon request of Seungri.

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