Big Hit & Mnet, global boy group debut project “I-LAND”!

BTS and TXT’s brother boy group will debut a project.


BTS affiliate Big Hit Entertainment and Mnet’s parent company CJ ENM’s joint project ‘I-LAND (Island)’ has released its first teaser video.


On May 8, CJ ENM said, “I-LAND is the first project of BELIFT LAB, a joint venture established in March last year by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

‘I-LAND’ will be broadcast on Mnet from June.

BELIFT LAB ◈ Project progress process.

<March 2019.

CJENM and Big Hit Entertainment establish a joint venture company, BELIFT LAB, with a capital of approximately 600 million yen.

<March 31, 2019.

From the end of March to July, public auditions were held in 17 cities in Korea and abroad, including Korea, the U.S., and Japan, in order to showcase the next generation of global boy groups connecting BTS.

Eligibility for support: Male born between 1997 and 2008

Debut date: 2020 global debut

<May 2019.

Mnet+BigHit new projectㅣ GlobalAudition released an introduction video.

<May 2019.

I-LAND announced on May 8.

I-Land ◈…..

I-LAND is an observational reality show that depicts the birth process of the next generation of K-pop artists.

It’s going to be a new show that combines CJENM’s content production skills with Big Hit Entertainment’s artist production know-how.

In addition to a unique worldview not seen in existing music shows, the show depicts the process of collaboration and competition between the performers in various forms.

For this reason, Mnet went through a meticulous preparation process, including the creation of a separate, super-sized, dedicated space with a scale of approximately 3,000 square meters that incorporates I-Land’s unique worldview.


The show will start in June, but it remains to be seen if it will make its debut this year. The original plan was to debut a global boy group (made up of multinational members) this year and a girl group next year, but the start of the show was delayed due to the spread of the new corona.

I-LAND, a project prepared by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment for nearly 2 years, has been receiving a lot of attention from K-POP fans.

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