The manager who puts her in the car that BTS rides in, BigHit who can’t manage the staff!

BTS affiliate BigHit Entertainment (hereafter BigHit) has once again proven to be out of control of its staff.


BigHit is known for being the least staff-controlled of all the major entertainment firms.

This time, the BTS manager found out that he was giving his girlfriend a ride in a car that the BTS members were riding in.

Last year, she posted a photo on Instagram of a celebration party where she said her boyfriend had joined BTS’s office, BigHit.


A few days later, BTS members posted a photo of the interior along with the contents of the car they rode in.


If she only took one ride out of curiosity because it’s a BTS member’s car, it’s understandable that she did it to show off, but he took her in this car many times, as if it was his manager’s personal car, to go to the movies and hang out. She even gave her friends a ride in the BTS car.


The biggest problem is BigHit’s inability to manage the staff, but all the BTS members are kind and always polite to their employees, so it’s also a problem for the staff to be casual with the artists.

Every time there was a hoax or criticism of BTS members, I felt sorry for them.

Regardless of whether his position in the company is high or low, he always greets people politely and gets along so well with them that I worry about him.

The BTS brother group TXT is also being filmed by the female steps, but it’s worse because they’re newbies.

There were times when an idol would hold an umbrella for a manager. Which one of you is your idol?

Even when surrounded by fans at the airport, there is no staff to restrain them.

Watching an artist play around with her in his car lacks any social awareness.

At other major entertainment companies, even though the artists they belong to may cause problems, the staff doesn’t.

However, BigHit has a lot of staff problems.

BigHit should be managing its staff more strictly.

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