BLACKPINK Jennie fans racist against Lisa in the chat room!

Recently, a private group chat message from Jenny’s fan fan club in China has been posted online. The content of the chat was ridiculous because Lisa was Thai.

“Ladyboy,” “her parents look like a man,” “she looks like a man,” and “not yet graduated from high school.”


“Sharp”, “I’m not good at singing”, “Lisa is the most frustrating member”, “Jenny has been an ace since her debut”.

<Contents of other chat groups>

Insulting Lisa while demeaning Thai people and Thai culture, and posting the content of racial discrimination. Few of the people who participated in the group chat use the BLACKPINK group photos. Most are Jenny’s personal fans.


Other BLACKPINK fans were angry at the wrong behavior of some fans who think criticizing Lisa would make Jennie more popular.

BLACKPINK fans cheered on Lisa with the hashtag “Respect Lisa (#RespectLisa)”.

We are requesting that we share STOP RACISM (No Racism) to stop the attack on Lisa.

Also consider taking further legal action by YG Entertainment to protect Lisa.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s fans are flooded with criticism as the content of racism against Lisa is disclosed in a secret chat room.


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