BLACKPINK Jennie talks about sexy “Shochu advertising” posters!

Jenny, a member of the girls group “BLACKPINK”, has been selected as an advertising model for shochu. Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd. announced on the 2nd that it has selected “BLACKPINK” member Jenny as a new model of “Choum Cholom”.

Jenny is loved by the masses for her various charms and is positioned as an icon of the times. Last year, Jenny took the top spot in the girl group’s personal brand reputation and was active as BLACKPINK’s first regular album. Recently, while gaining global popularity through YouTube, SNS, etc., he is steadily receiving love calls from the advertising world while playing an active role as an advertising model for mobile phones, cosmetics, etc.




The shochu model is regarded as a measure of “popular entertainers.” Up until now, top stars such as Lee Hyori, Shin Min-a, and Suzy have been active as models for “Choumu Chorom.” Jenny, who inherited the baton, is also interested.




Lee Hyori is probably the first model that comes to mind when it comes to the “Choum Cholom” model. Lee Hyori acted as a model for the first time in 2007, and while working as an advertising model for five years until 2012, he greatly contributed to raising the brand awareness of “Choum Cholom”, a latecomer in the shochu market.




At the end of 2012, he was selected as a model for a girls group idol, succeeding Lee Hyori. Sister Hyolyn, KARA Kuhara, and 4minute former member Hyuna were appointed at the same time to try to capture the younger generation, but due to sensational problems, the advertisement soon disappeared.




From the fall of 2014, actress Shin Min-a has been active as a model for two years, but she also showed an activity suitable for the modifier “healthy beauty”. In this way, the female advertising model of “Choum Cholom” has appointed a star with a good proportion and a healthy image.





Then, after Shin Min-a, from October 2016, a streak called “National First Love” was appointed as an advertising model to try to make an image change. As the frequency of shochu decreased, I tried to express a refreshing and mellow feeling through the advertising model. Suji served as a model for about four years, but in 2021, the model changed to Jenny. For the first time in January, “Choum Cholom” also lowered the alcohol content of shochu to 16.5 degrees, emphasizing a more mellow taste.




Since BLACKPINK has many overseas fans, exports are certainly expected to increase. After Jennie’s sexy poster was released, it has become a hot topic in the online community, and Jennie’s “Choum Cholom” advertising commercial and additional promotional content will be released shortly.

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