BLACKPINK Jisoo, is the lump in the neck a lymph node? Worried health …

A lump was found on the neck of BLACKPINK member Jiss, and fans are worried.Among the members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo will appear alone on the SBS entertainment program “Aji no Hiroba” that will be broadcast on September 17, and the trailer has been released.




In the teaser video released, he sang the bright and cute figure of Jiss who actively challenges cooking and BLACKPINK’s hit song “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.


However, if you look closely at the neck of Jiss singing a song, you will see something like a lump.

When singing a song, the blood vessels in the neck sometimes stand out, but Jiss’s past concerts also captured something like a lump on his neck.


On January 20, 2019, during the BLACKPINK Jakarta concert, I saw something like a lump.

On January 23, 2019, a lump was caught in a fan’s camera at a Malaysian concert.

<Usual Jisoo>

It’s not clear if the blood vessels in the neck looked like a lump or if it was really a lump.



Fans abroad have said that the lump in the neck of Jiss is swollen lymph glands, but the cause of the lump is thought to be fatigue, infection or cold, or flu.

BLACKPINK fans hope that their busy schedule will not hurt their bodies

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