BLACKPINK Jisoo will give a Dior bag of about 500,000 yen for his best friend’s birthday?

Yun Soo Jin also posted four photos taken with Jiss on his Instagram.




I also posted a photo of the Dior bag on Instagram, but it seems that I got a birthday present because the account of Jiss is tagged. The price of the Dior bag is about 500,000 yen, and Dior is the exclusive model of Dior.



I don’t know how they got along, but it seems that they are so close that they give away a luxury brand bag.


◈ Who is Jiss’s best friend Yun Soo Jin?

Yun Su-jin was a member of the girls group “GLAM” belonging to BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter, Big Hit). “GLAM” is a four-member girl group that made its official debut in the song world on July 16, 2012, jointly prepared by Big Hit and GFRIEND’s agency Source Music for three years. The initial members who made their debut as a five-member group were Park Ji-young, Dahi, ZINNI, Miso, and Trinity (Yoon Su-jin), and five months after their debut, member Yun Su-jin withdrew and worked as a four-member girl group until 2014.


“GLAM” performed its debut with the debut song “Party (XXXO)” co-written and composed by Big Hit president Bang Si-Hyuk, BTS member RM, and Pidok.




BTS Jimin, who was a Big Hit trainee at the time, also appeared in the music video for “GLAM”.

“GLAM” announced on December 24, 2012, before the comeback that Yun Soo Jin suddenly left with Gram. It was announced that the reason for leaving the team five months after his debut was personal circumstances. Yun Soo Jin then completely retired from the entertainment world.

After dating actor Lee Byung-hun, “GLAM” member Dahi threatened to reveal the encounter and demanded 450 million yen. According to media reports, Dahi was introduced by an acquaintance and demanded 450 million yen as an excuse for a video taken at a private seat after meeting Lee Byung Hun with a friend who is acting as a model. It is said that he threatened. At that time, Lee Byung Hun was in a fuss in South Korea just because he was about to marry his current wife, actress Lee Min Jung. In the end, Dahi and his friends who threatened Lee Byung Hun were arrested. After that, the criticized “GLAM” was disbanded.


After retiring from the entertainment world, Yun Soo Jin is also active as a freelancer model and manager of the clothing brand “VIVID YOON Line” that he made. Few people know that Yun Su-jin was a member of “GLAM” for a short period of time as an idol. It was more famous than this in the past as a Super Junior member Leeteuk’s Sasenfan.

What is Sasenfan? Some enthusiastic fans who chase after the entertainer’s personal life, and radical fans who repeat stalking are called Sasen fans.


BLACKPINK fans have different agencies, and BLACKPINK’s debut time is not the same. He commented that it is strange that Jis and Yun Soo Jin became close to each other because there was no point of contact no matter how much they searched.


BLACKPINK member Jisoo became a hot topic as a gift of a luxury brand bag on his best friend’s birthday.

BLACKPINK Jisoo posted a photo on his Instagram with a message celebrating the birthday of his best friend and older sister, Yun Su-jin.


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