BLACKPINK Lisa’s $800K was Scammed by Her former Manager

BLACKPINK Lisa found out that she was scammed by her former manager for over $800k.

According to Korea Media Market News, Lisa was scammed by BLACKPINK’s former manager Mr. A in the $800k range.

According to one of the informants, Mr. A was the manager who had worked with BLACKPINK from the time of their debut, and who Lisa had believed in since she was a rookie.Mr. A had a lot of trust in the company and the members. The reaction is that even those around them had no idea.

Mr. A. abused the relationship and gave Lisa money under the guise of inspecting the property on her behalf, and Mr. A. spent it all on gambling and other means, and Lisa ended up falling for a huge scam against Mr. A., whom she believed.



However, as Lisa, it’s a situation she can’t let the outside world know about. In addition to the image of the individual, the group’s activities and many other parts of the group will be hampered.

One official said, “Lisa is a foreign member and has been alone in Korea since she was a child, so she is very vulnerable to these things, including economic considerations. It’s very unfortunate that this is happening in our industry. It’s a serious matter that could damage the country’s management image if it gets one thing wrong,” he said.

Mr. A, who caused the problem, is currently in the process of leaving the company.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK is aiming for the release of their first full album in September, including their comeback in June, pre-release of new songs in June, currently preparing for the shooting of a promotional video and choreography practice, etc., and is doing the work of packing. Also, after the release of her first full-length album, Lisa will be making her solo debut.

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