BLACKPINK Lisa will make her solo debut in the Chinese version of Pudu “Youth Uni 3”!

BLACKPINK Lisa will appear on the Chinese audition program “Youth Uni 3” known as the Chinese version “PRODUCE 101”. In China, many programs that follow the format of “PRODUCE 101” have been produced since around 2018 and are gaining popularity. Among them, the girls audition program “Seishun Uni 2” is distributed with multilingual subtitles in English, Korean, Thai, etc. on iQIYI (Aikigei), one of the three major video distribution sites in China, and is attracting attention in Japan as well. high.


BLACKPINK’s LISA will appear as a dance instructor on “Youth Uni 2” broadcast from March to June 2020, and Chinese top star Cai Xukun, who was born by “Idol Producer”, will perform “Youth Production”. Served as the main MC as “People’s Representative”. Lisa will appear in “Youth Uni 3” and will be a dance instructor for two consecutive seasons.


Lisa’s appearance was officially announced on iQIYI’s official SNS.


Lisa also informed her fans that she would appear in “Youth Uni 3” through a short video on her Weibo account.

The Chinese version of “PRODUCE 101”, “Youth Uni 3”, which will be broadcast in 2021, is a male trainee edition that selects members of the boy group, and at the end of December, participants gathered in the dormitory and started shooting.



It is said that the dormitory where the male trainees live together is similar to the dormitory of the Mnet audition program “Idol School”.


Following BLACKPINK Jennie’s solo debut in 2018, the solo debut runners are Rose and Lisa. YG announced in mid-January that it plans to shoot a music video for Rose’s solo song. After Rose made his solo debut first, Lisa’s turn is next, but after the end of “Youth Uni 3”, his solo debut is expected.


“Youth Uni 2”, which was broadcast last year, was scheduled to be broadcast in late January, but the broadcast was postponed for more than a month due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

“Youth Uni 3” is expected to start at the end of January or early February and end from the end of March to the beginning of April. After the program ends, he will prepare for his solo debut for about a month, and the official solo debut is expected to be in May.

Lisa is a role model that trainees long for, and at the same time, Lisa has a great presence, and in terms of technique, she contributes to leveling up while giving strict guidance to each and every detail, and has troubles. If there is a person, share their own experience and snuggle up gently. In addition, his sharp insight in evaluating trainees is also excellent, and he is highly evaluated. Attention is focused on what kind of activity Lisa will perform in “Youth Uni 3” and what kind of song she will perform for her first solo debut.

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