BLACKPINK spoils the title song of their first full-length album “Lovesick Girls”!

The first teaser image of BLACKPINK’s first full-length album “THE ALBUM” to be released on October 2nd was released on September 21st. The released teaser poster shows the back views of BLACKPINK members walking in the parking lot at night

BLACKPINK fans guessed who the back and hairstyles were in the poster. Many fans expected Jennie to be the fourth, but it was actually Jis. The identity of the mystery is in the order of Lisa → Jennie → Rose → Jisoo from the top.

However, YG Entertainment has released BLACKPINK’s album poster and inadvertently released the album title.

This teaser image was also published on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram, and this image had a hint of the title of the album.

A teaser image was saved under the title “LSG_TEASER”. “LSG” seems to be the title of the new album.


The other day, the track list of the first full-length album “THE ALBUM” was spoiled, and there is a song called “Lovesick Girls” among the eight tracks on the track list. “Lovesick Girls” Shorten to LSG. Therefore, it is speculated that BLACKPINK’s first full-length album will be titled “Love Sick Girls”.

BLACKPINK’s song “HOW YOU LIKE THAT” was also spoiled last time, so BLACKPINK fans think that there is no doubt this time as well.

When the rumor spread that the title of the album was “Love Sick Girls”, YG Entertainment changed the image title to Coming.jpg.

It seems that the information on the album is always leaked, but there is a suspicion that YG is actually leaking the information on purpose.

The title of the album has been spoiled and it has become a hot topic among fans, but what is more talked about among fans is the personal teaser poster of Gis and Jennie.

Until now, BLACKPINK teasers have not been able to take advantage of each member’s strengths. However, due to the change in BLACKPINK’s stylist, not only the costumes but also the makeup has changed, which has been very popular among fans.

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