BLACKPINK’s younger sister girl group “BABY MONSTER” will debut in July?

There is a rumor that BLACKPINK’s younger sister, YG’s next girls group, “BABYMONSTER” will debut in July, mainly in the overseas YG fan community.Recently, a photo of the baby monster intro song “OB LIVIAN” has been uploaded to Instagram, which is presumed to be YG producer.Recently,

The reason why YG is convinced that the name of the new girl group is “BABYMONSTER” is that YG filed a name-related trademark application before announcing that the new girl group will debut in 2021. The names that YG applied for trademarks are “BABYMONSTER” and “BAEMON”.


YG officials left the emoji “Akachan = BABY” & “MONSTER” on their Instagram.

When the K-POP boy group “TREASURE”, which has four Japanese members born from a survival program , explores the new YG office building, a dance studio labeled Baby Monster was captured by the camera.

YG’s next girls group, Baby Monster, will be a talented vocal group that concentrates on the musical department and has excellent singing ability, rather than performances different from 2NE1 and BLACKPINK. News about baby monsters has recently come out, and it seems that their debut is imminent when they see rumors flowing.

A song from Kang So-jin, a promising member of the baby monster, seven years ago.

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