BTOB’s Ilhoon is Free Now, Instead Facing 2 Years in Prison Charges

btob ilhoon

A former BTOB member has been released free under probation recently and this is very happy news for the fans.

Fans started petitions, did their best to raise and many more actions for Ilhoon and now he is finally free. He was part of one of the famous Kpop groups BTOB which has made a lot of fan base from all over the world.

The reason he was sent to prison was because of smoking marijuana many times, this herb is still banned in Korea and the person will face charges if he or she will be found guilty.

But now the court has declared him to be set free under probation and he will no need to go to jail but need to pay a certain fine amount.

Fans role plays one of the most important roles in the world of kpop so, if he goes to jail he will be terminated from the BTOB group and this is really heartbreaking news for the fans but gladly, he has been released by now.

When fans received the news about his charges they were shocked and they were even shocked that he might face two years in prison.

Ilhoon’s new sentence


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Ilhoon did accept many times that he was addicted to it and also never try to smoke it again. He also sent over 80 apology letters and promised that he will never ever smoke marijuana.

He is set free under some probation but if he will be found smoking marijuana anytime soon, he will surely face 2 years in prison. Ilhoon was fined about $106, 955, and 40 hours of drug treatment.

He is free now

With no criminal charges and bad behavior, judges were impressed and they also warned Ilhoon to quit smoking and focus on his career. At the moment, his medical treatment for the rehab of marijuana is going through online classes.

After the fans started a petition, Judge explained, “[Ilhoon’s] family shows a strong will to lead and social bonds are well maintained, so it is expected to have a positive effect in deterring recidivism.” But he warned Ilhoon, “Please keep in mind the meaning of this probation sentence and make sure that it does not re-offend.”

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