BTS enlisted at the same time in 2022, why the military blank period is one year instead of two years?

Korean media reported that BTS would join the army at the same time in the first half of 2022 to reduce the military blank period (also known as the military white period) to one year.

According to the analysis reporter of “Hive”, the agency of BTS, a leading investment securities analyst, it is expected that BTS members will be enlisted by mid-2022, but the actual gap is about 1 due to the effect of pre-production before enlistment. I told him that it would be a year.

In other words, seven BTS members will join the army during the first half of 2022, and the content will be exposed in the military through the content pre-produced before joining the army, and the blank period of BTS will be effectively one year.

All members of BTS, from Jin born in 1992 to Jungkook born in 1997, are eligible for active enlistment. The oldest member of the group, Jin (real name: Kim Suk Jin), had to go to the military last year when he was 28 years old in 2020, but the military service law has been partially amended and he can postpone military enlistment until 2022. It became so.

The revised Military Service Law allows the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to delay enlistment until the age of 30 for recommenders who have received the Order of Culture and are successful in proclaiming national prestige. In October 2018, BTS received the Order of Cultural Merit in recognition of its achievements in Korean wave and Korean language diffusion, so it became possible to postpone enlistment at the recommendation of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. ..

If BTS does not join the army at the same time, the schedule for joining the army will be as follows for each member.

▶Jin-Born December 4, 1992-Enlisted in 2022

▶Suga-Born March 9, 1993-Enlisted in 2023

▶J-Hope-Born February 18, 1994-Enlisted in 2024

▶RM-Born September 12, 1994-Enlisted in 2024

▶Jimin-Born October 13, 1995-Enlisted in 2025

▶Tete-born December 30, 1995-enlisted in 2025

▶Younguk-Born September 1, 1997-Enlisted in 2027

Without accompanying enlistment, BTS will have a six-year military blank period from enlistment in the Jin army to 2028 when Jungkook is discharged in 2022.

As analysts expected, the best way to minimize the military gap is to join the army in the first half of 2010 and then discharge in the second half of 2023. Since only Jin, Suga, and Jungkook are left in 2025, it seems that it is difficult for the three of them to continue BTS activities.

Regarding the BTS companion enlistment theory, the agency said, “There is nothing special to say about military service other than what the artist has revealed.”

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